Growing up in Northwest Ohio has many different pros and cons. Some people love it and some people hate it either way there's many different ways to tell if you're from Northwest Ohio.

1. You’ve given up on saying what town you’re from

Nobody ever knows so you just stick to 30 minutes outside of Findlay.

2. You’ve been to a ton of bonfires

What else would you do after a football game?!

3. Speaking of football, your town goes crazy for Football Friday Nights!

We have the best football teams, what can we say?

4. You’ve probably walked around a local convenient store for entertainment

There's no malls, what else are we supposed to do?

5. You know everyone and everything about them

Pam is from Rossford and we've gone to school together since 2nd grade.

6. The most uphill you’ve ever walked was an incline on a treadmill

Hills are stupid anyway, flat is where it's at.

7. And since it’s so flat you’ve seen the best sunsets/sunrises

There's so many colors, we can't imagine it any different.

8. You could play corn hole at the Olympics

Don't ever challenge us, we do this all the time. (And all the ones you've played on probably look like this)

9. You probably have some kind of local fair/festival

People come from near and far.

10. You don’t understand why people say you have an accent

We're pretty sure you're the one with an accent!

11. You’re used to hearing your towns truck pulls once or twice a year

As annoying as it can be you've just gotten used to it.

12. You have to drive at least 10 minutes to get to a common fast food place such as Arby’s or Wendy’s

What does a girl have to do to get a frosty?

13. And to get to a place like Olive Garden or Texas Roadhouse it’s at least a 20-minute drive

Dinner dates are nearly impossible.

14. This is because, your town only has pizza places and bars

It's always a battle on which place to order from because everyone has a different preference.

15. Your local movie theater probably only plays one or two movies at once

and it's usually playing something that that was put in theaters a month ago.

16. You’re prepared for any type of weather

One day it's snowing, the next it's 80 degrees.

17. You know how to keep yourself entertained

You don't have any kind of entertainment or attractions near you so using your imagination and finding something to do has become easy.

18. People confuse your city names all the time

No not Canton, Kenton. Bowling Green, Ohio not Kentucky. And it's pronounced Wapakoneta and Wauseon. It's not that difficult people!!

19. You graduated with less than 100 people

And we could tell you all about them!

20. You want to go to college far, far away from Northwest Ohio

But end up staying or staying close by.

21. Even though you complain it will always be your favorite place

We all love it!