21 Signs You’re Shore You’re 100 Percent A Beach Girl

The countdown to summer has begun! It may be only April, but you're ready for sunny days, trips to the beach, and the smell of sunscreen. Your friends say you practically live in the water (real-life mermaid?). Who can blame you? Summer is the best time of the year, and we shorely can't wait for it to be here! You're 100 percent a beach girl if...

1. Your favorite scent is sunscreen.

When you smell coconuts, chemicals and a little bit of Coppertone, you're automatically in beach mode. Putting on sunscreen isn't a chore for you.

2. Every college break is a vacation.

You never miss out on a chance to sit in the sun with your toes in the sand. Snow and negative temperatures? An indoor sandbox, fan, and sparkly drink will do

3. Your laptop background is of a beach, sunny quote or the like.

Chemistry lecture got you down? No worries, you look at your laptop background and are automatically transported to paradise.

4. Your hair care routine includes only one product: salt spray.

When you can't get natural, salty tresses from the ocean, you opt for sprays, mousses, creams, ANYTHING that'll replicate your favorite messy look.

5. You wear sandals (or Birkenstocks) all the time.

You'd never be caught without open-toed shoes (even when there are two feet of snow outside).

6. Your closet is all shades of blue and tan.

To replicate the beach, of course!

7. You carry around beach bags like a purse.

Why swap out your beach bag for a purse when summer is only 5 months away?

8. Your toes are always beach-ready.

You never know when the time will come to head to the beach.

9. You listen to classic beach music.

Did anyone say, The Beach Boys? Anytime is a perfect time to blast your favorite classic, groovy tunes.

10. You keep your bathing suit with you all the time.

At home? In your car? In your purse? You can always find a swimsuit on hand.

11. Your favorite Starbucks drink is a refresher.

With the sparkling water, juice and floating fruit, a Starbucks refresher reminds you of summer and the beach. It's a summer day in a sip.

12. You own those huge floaties for no reason.

You don't have a pool or live by a beach, but you always have to be prepared...right?

13. Ariel is your favorite Disney princess.

She lives in the ocean and spends time on the beach. Name a better life.

14. Your sunglasses are on at all times.

Night or day, you wear your sunglasses. Always beach ready.

15. There's sand in your car. Always.

You can't escape it. It's the glitter of the beach.

16. You start bathing suit shopping in January.

You stalk the sale rack and wait for the next big release of swimsuits before the summer even begins.

17. Every day of summer is a beach day.

Your besties are so annoyed with you by the end of the summer, but you can't help it, you need to go to the beach.

18. You freak out in winter.

Five months without the sun? You might lose your gorgeous sun tan or, god forbid, those endless tan lines.

19. You want a beach wedding.

Who wants to celebrate indoors on their wedding day? Not you! You'd rather soak up the sun and enjoy some rays at your favorite place on earth.

20. Your favorite movie is "Aquamarine" or "Soul Surfer."

Your movie of choice at every sleepover.

21. Your ultimate goal is to become a mermaid.

You can't imagine wanting to be anything else.

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