21 Mindsets To Help You Become The Powerhouse Woman You Strive To Be

21 Mindsets To Help You Become The Powerhouse Woman You Strive To Be

Drink ya water. Get ya money. Mind ya business.

2017 was a year for the books, but 2018 is going to be even better. Go into 2018 with a fresh mind, think of it as a new beginning for bigger goals. Push those that are negative away and concentrate on the positive. Surround yourself with friends and family, and aim big. Be optimistic; with hard work, dreams do come true.

Keep these mindsets, and you will fly high. My goals are non-negotiable, and yours should be too.

1. “Can’t” will no longer be on my vocab

2. Negativity is nonexistent

3. Irrelevant people will be cut off

4. Goals will be set

5. Moves will be made

6. Money will be made

7. My body is a temple

8. Apologize and mean it

9. Be selective with my time and energy

10. Maintain control

11. Less spending

12. More self-worth

13. More consciousness

14. Listen more intently

15. Check in more with others

16. Show more gratitude

17. Please & thank you always

18. Respect differing opinions

19. Take time for the little things

20. Keep the glass always half full

21. Slim thick with that cute ass

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Lose the one who wanted cause he's taking you for granted.

a letter I'll never send to the one I can't seem to let go of.

 My relationship of almost two years has been a beautiful whirlwind of spontaneous adventure, passion, and growth. My boyfriend and I spent months (previous to the relationship) becoming friends over our shared interest in music, binge-drinking, wandering, and adventure. Inevitably, this led to us falling in love by the time we started dating. The exciting period of experiencing new things together was incredible. Even as those experiences have turned into comfortable nights cuddled up together, things have developed in a way that has changed us both and made us understand how to care about someone else's happiness so much that it becomes in sync with your own. Add in stress of him dropping out of college to pursue his dreams of music, bills, full-time job, exhaustion and whatever else is in there and any request of mine to spend time together leads to an explosion of stress. I know that he wants to continue to be my boyfriend and he makes beautiful promises to me and thanks me for my patience and understanding. But I cannot remember the last time one of the promises came true and my sleep-deprived eyes can't seem to anticipate the disappointment anymore and not enough wine and adderall in the world can keep me from feeling hurt. The other night, after another failed attempt at re-sparking the passion, I lie next to him staring at the ceiling lost in my own thoughts. And even though it would stress him out too much to hear this and I would suddenly become the bad guy, I am hoping to feel some sort of relief from posting this letter/poem. 

Baby you don’t want me 

We don’t end up together 

I still love you I still want you 

But I’m so tired of putting forth all the effort and you still being to exhausted to even talk to me

Touch me 

Love me 

You can share your burden but now you share defensiveness and blame me for your reality.

I have done nothing but help you 

I cannot say the same for you.

Every beautiful lie you tell me doesn’t start out that way. You mean it when you say it and I can feel that and I fall for it every time 

But I am so tired of being disappointed


I am so tired of being a prop in your life that you can pick up when you want or store away. 

You are a person you have dreams you have needs you have wants 

I am a person I have dreams I have needs I have wants 

I have understanding I have love 

you pretend not to know how well I understand you because it is easier to blame me. 

Blame the crazy girlfriend with unrealistic expectations.

I have no expectations

You plant expectations with your words and promises and I get blamed for wishing them to be true. 

I still want to be in love with you 

There has never been a more fun time in my life than being love with you 

But do we inevitably end up apart? 

Can we rewrite what is “supposed to happen”? 

Maybe if it’s what we both want but I can’t want you into loving me 

Maybe I’ll just have to accept the feelings



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To the “people pleaser” 

You need to stop living in this never ending cycle of despair.

To the person who needs this,

Stop pleasing people, you don’t always have to be happy, or always have to be “on”. Eventually you will reach a breaking point. People aren’t going to not like you or not want to be around you if you don’t do something for them.

I too have fallen victim to this awful never ending cycle of despair. These past two years I’ve acted happy when in reality I just want to stay home and cry because I can’t please those people. To be quite honest with you I’ve lost myself these past two years.

I’ve asked myself “Why do people try so hard to please people?”, and it has never been answered. It’s like the meaning of life no one knows the answer to that, but we have a few theories. Everyone is different so that answer will be determined by that individual; as humans we like to give insight on things no one asked for our insight on. (like I am now)

So if you’re struggling with this, just remember people will judge you, break you down, and burn your life to the ground. Don’t look at it as you letting that person down or giving up, think of it as giving them a chance to take this as a learning opportunity. They have to learn how to problem solve and use tools they have to do so. 

Speak loudly, live boldly, love entirely!


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