21 Lessons By 21

21 Lessons And Tips I've Learned By Age 21

4. Know your limits.


Wow, I'm 21. That time sure went fast. 21 years is not a long time on this earth, but I have already learned and given so much.

I still have a lot of time left, so I must enjoy it. But here are 21 lessons and tips I have learned (or maybe should have learned).

1. Smile. Always.

A smile can change somebody's mood or day. A smile is contagious. Always smile.

2. Go to all of your appointments early.

This is one of the oldest tips in the book. Our moms and dads taught us this. Being on time to things is always important, but early is even better. It saves some stress for you.

3. Spend some time with Mother Nature.

NOT the Mother Nature you think I'm talking about. Literally go outside and spend time with Earth. Appreciate God's creations. It makes you feel great!

4. Know your limits.

It's better to learn this early on in your life. Know what you can and cannot do. Control yourself. Limiting is never a bad thing.

5. Don't chase after the people who won't chase after you.

Simple. If they don't take the time to spend time with you, then let it be. Don't waste your time or breath on them.

6. Fight back.

Do not let people step on you. I can't stress this enough. Taking advantage of someone makes that person feel good. It cushions the blow of guilt in their heart. Fight back, and make them regret ever bothering with you.

7. Eat all you want.

Girl, order that pizza. Go out for that ice cream. Get the salad when you want. Life is too short, buy the goods.

8. Go to school NOW, not later.

The easiest way out is finishing school, getting a degree, and moving on from there. Don't settle, because odds are you'll want to go back and it'd be too late.

9. Let things be.

If it's meant to be, it sure as hell will be. We all come across many situations in our lifetime where we question whether things are really worth the trouble. God is just writing up His plans for you.

10. You can always make money, but you can't always make memories.

Every single day, you have that chance to make some money. However, money doesn't buy happiness. Life is so short, and tomorrow is never promised. Make those memories you'll remember forever.

11. Quality over quantity.

It's better to have a few good things in your life than a bunch of things that don't benefit you or make you unhappy. It's also healthier to have a couple nice friends who care than a lot of people you barely even know.

12. It's completely okay to cry.

We sometimes have our moments. Guess what? It's totally okay! Sob all you want. You'll feel better when it's over.

13. Cherish and spend as much time as possible with your family and friends.

These are the people who matter, so dedicate your time to them.

14. Take some down time for yourself.

Mental health days are amazing and so necessary.

15. Don't fall under peer pressure.

This can be hard to do, but don't fall for it. You do what you want to do. It's your life, your choices. Peer pressure can be very evil when it wants to be.

16. You don't always have to feel obligated to go out.

Personally, I'm not one for going out. I like parties, but I never want to go overboard. Don't always feel like you have to do what everyone else does.

17. Binge-watching shows and movies on Netflix is actually good for the soul.

It's true. Netflix and I are very close. My bed is my best friend. There's just something about it that just feels amazing.

18. Get some good sleep.

Staying up every once in a while is alright. But it's good to get into a good sleep schedule now while you're young. It feels so good to be in bed by 9 P.M. and asleep by 11 P.M.

19. Be kind to one another.

I get it from Ellen Degeneres. She preaches a good truth. Why be rude to people? It only makes everything worse.

20. Life does not go the way you plan it to be.

Things don't work out sometimes. Over time, I have learned to accept God's plan for me. At the moment, it may seem as though everyone is out to get you and everything is just wrong for you, but life has a funny way of working itself out. Just be patient.

21. Always have fun.

Need I say more?

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How Happiness In A Relationship Is So Important

What is the happiness and love that we as individuals deserve when it comes to our relationship?


It's different for each of us. Some prefer being showered in gifts, being showed off on social media, bragged about to family and friends. But, what is the one thing that all of those have in common?

That would be the unmistakable amount of love your significant other has for you, that they will do anything to show you that they love you unconditionally. We all show our love for one another in various ways. I for one love being shown the love someone else has for me in small things they do.

It could be a simple 'good morning love' text message or even just a hug out of the blue. Knowing that someone cares so deeply about you is one of life's greatest gifts. Knowing that another human being loves you and wants to be with you, it makes us drunk off of love and our heads float up to the stars.

However, when we don't feel that love, that connection, that reassurance from our significant other that they love and care for us back, it can be an extremely overwhelming and a lonely feeling.

We start looking for those feelings and connections elsewhere. In our friends for reassurance if we look good or blowing up their phones for attention.

We start caring about if other people find us attractive or not, we relish in compliments that other people give us. We start looking for that happiness elsewhere. It's not because you stop loving your significant other or stop caring about them, but we as humans need to feel important and like we are needed by another person.

When you stop letting your significant other know how much you care about them or showcasing your love for them, even if it's a simple gesture like holding their hand or holding the door open for them, they will begin to look elsewhere.

Now I am in no way saying that they will cheat on you, but your relationship and their attitude and feelings towards you will never be the same until you start showing them how much they mean to you just as much as they do for you. I don't condone cheaters or staying in a relationship that you are not happy in.

Yes, some relationships go through hard times like distance or a traumatic event. However, the way I see it is if you entered into the relationship, to begin with, you obviously cared about that person a lot and if they show you that they care and love you for the person you are and your past then they deserve the same in return from you.

Relationships are not always easy, they take time, determination, communication, compromise, and love to stay afloat. If one of you isn't willing to give your all and put forth the effort needed then it will never work. A relationship can't be successful if it is only one-sided.

Despite peoples life's being busy on a day to day basis, you need to always find time for your significant other. Because at the end of the day when things hit the fan, your significant other should be the one that will be there no matter what and always be by your side.

All in all, you need to treat each other the way in which you would want to be treated in a relationship and treat them the way they should be treated despite whatever chaos is going on in the world about you. Love is the conquer of all and should never be thrown around or not taken seriously.

Loving someone else is a gift we are given by God and never taken lightly.

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'Toy Story 4': Do We Need It?

Some stories are meant to have a proper conclusion.


If there is a studio that can milk a franchise for decades and decades, it's Disney. Love 'em or hate 'em, Disney is the king of their craft.

"Toy Story" is one of the few movie trilogies to score nearly perfect ratings critically and have the entire series generally loved as a whole. It is a series that both children and adults can find a sense of enjoyment and relatability in. "Toy Story 3" delivered one of the most satisfying and emotional endings to any film. Andy, the human character that has been at the forefront of the series since 1995 has grown up and went to college, as have most of the people who have grown up with the films.

With that ending, the "Toy Story" series was laid to rest. But Hollywood has different plans, and for Disney, those plans include more "Toy Story" films.

The child that Andy ended up passing his toys onto at the conclusion, Bonnie, is still young and still very much in love with toys. There were also Bonnie's toys brought into the previous film that were just barely touched on, voiced by Bonnie Hunt, Timothy Dalton, Kristen Schaal, and Jeff Garlin.

As opposed to last year's "Incredibles 2", which was a sequel that was warranted as the first film left so much ground that could still be covered and was a film fans were clamoring years for, "Toy Story 3" did not leave much in the way of future storyline potential, but did leave a tiny door open for the future.

Bringing Annie Pott's Bo Peep, one of Andy's original toys, back into the series after being a quick mention in "Toy Story 3" is an interesting idea. Also, having Keanu Reeves, Key & Peele, and Christina Hendricks as voice talent is never negative.

Having a new "Toy Story" movie out to help promote Disney's new "Toy Story Land" theme park is obviously important to the executives, but it should not be at the cost of ruining the story, either. Now, money aside, there may actually be a story the writers have wanted to tell that requires the story of Woody (Tom Hanks), Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen), Jessie (Joan Cusack), and the rest of the cast to continue.

A prequel with Andy still as a child would have been the easiest route to avoid damaging the last film's conclusion, but continuing off from the previous entry could potentially be for the better.

Quality-wise, the "Toy Story" films have not had even a small misstep yet. With Andy in college, the focus now shifts to another set of characters that the children of this generation can grow up with. Disney has already proven that they are not unwilling to bring several classic franchises back into the mainstream, from "Star Wars" and "Aladdin", to "Finding Nemo" and "Monsters Inc".

One chapter of the story has ended, and with "Toy Story 4", another has begun. "Toy Story 4" releases in a few weeks' time, so the jury's still out on whether the route Disney has taken will work.


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