There comes a time in a girl's life where she looks around and realizes she’s going to be the last of her friends to turn 21. It’s all fun and games when you’re all underage. The allure of getting drinks with a fake ID or stealing from your parents liquor cabinet loses its charm as each friend begins to turn 21. Basement parties turn into bar hops, $12 bottle of cheap vodka turns into a $12 shot of expensive vodka. Cool for them, not so cool for you. You’re suddenly stuck celebrating birthdays at clubs you can’t even get into and sitting on the curb while your friends run in to take “one more shot!!!”. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here are 21 unfortunate things that happen when all of your friends turn 21 before you do:

1. You’re always the designated driver.

2. You can’t buy your own alcohol.

3. So you always have to depend on someone else to get it for you.

4. And they usually come back with the wrong flavor of Svedka.

5. Or charge you a little more for their “services”.

6. Sometimes, you get lucky and snag someone’s older sisters ID.

7. Or unlucky and spend $200 on a flimsy fake.

8. Only to get denied at your local liquor store (because obv. they know you’re not 25, you're Jim’s 20 year old daughter).

9. The pregame is your best friend.

10. Because getting past the bouncer makes you too nervous without a buzz.

11. Sometimes it works, and you feel like you’ve cheated the system.

12. So obviously you dance on the bar, relishing in your fake freedom.

13. Other times, you’re the only friend with a big ole’ black sharpie “X” on the back of your hand.

14. You spend half the night hiding it behind your back while talking to the cute grad student who bought you a drink.

15. Nursing it, obviously, because you have no idea how to get another one without him finding out your real age.

16. There have been nights when the bouncer bends your ID, laughs and hits you with the dreaded “have a nice night”.

17. And nights at restaurants, where there’s no way you’ll be served a drink, so you sip your lemon water, feeling like a 3rd (or 5th or 9th) wheel.

18. Everyone asks you to take their pictures because you’re the only one with a steady hand.

19. So, consequently, you’re not in anyone’s Instagram's.

20. Therefore, your hair/makeup/outfit were wasted and you weren’t.

21. And by the time it’s FINALLY your birthday, you can tell your friends are sick of celebrating 21st birthdays. But, they pull through like you did for them and your illegal days are long gone.

Drink up!