21 Activities To Do That Will Cure Your Quarantine Boredom
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21 Activities To Do That Will Cure Your Quarantine Boredom

Tired of browsing through Netflix aimlessly and scrolling through Instagram for the 4th hour? I got you!

21 Activities To Do That Will Cure Your Quarantine Boredom

1. Get back to exercising and meditating!

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Make sure you're eating well, staying hydrated, and are mentally healthy before you start a wellness journey! Remember that your wellness journey should be grounded in self-love! This is my favorite workout YouTuber! Calm is also a really great meditating app!

2. Deal with the things that you have been pushing off.

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We all have those things that we've been pushing away. Whether it be that junk drawer you've been ignoring, that grudge you have been holding onto, emotions you haven't exactly processed, etc. Maybe this is your sign that you deserve peace and to put it to rest? I bought this book and it was really nice to put some things to rest.

3. Clean out your closet!


I Marie Kondo'd my closet and drawers...I had not felt that at peace in a while.

Does it spark joy? If not, donate it!

4. Donate things you do not want and not using anymore!

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One's trash is another man's treasure or something like that! Buying second hand and shopping at thrift stores are more sustainable options for our earth anyways and often cheaper, a win-win!

5. Go to your local park!

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Painting, going for a jog, having a picnic, reading, your options are endless. ugh the fresh air smacks.

6. Cook a new dish every night!

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Please just do yourself a favor and download Pinterest, I have had an account before I had any other social media! Everything has been done and ready for you to give a try, just look it up!

7. Learn a new language!

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Hello people! Duolingo is literally FREE! Whether you want to look more applicable on a job resume or planning a vacation in the future, you cannot go wrong with learning a new language!

8. Read something different.


Switch up the genre of literature you usually read up! Try a hard read! Try a young adult fiction! That is the beauty in reading, it is so multi-faceted.

9. Have a self-care day!


Draw a bath, layer on some face masks, read a book, eat that pizza, bake those brownies...anyway, I am sure calories don't count in the name of self-care.

10. Try a Bob Ross painting tutorial!

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Whether you make a beautiful painting or a painting with tons of happy accidents, you still had the pleasure of hearing Bob Ross' calm talking, there's really not much to lose here.

11. Throw a concert in your house.

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Whether it's 2000's hits, breakup songs, One Direction compilation, just make sure to dance like no one is watching and sing your heart out.

12. Movie marathon because why not?!

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Google Chrome has this really cool extension called Netflix Viewing Party, which lets your friends and you watch a movie together and chat at the same time! Need a list of movies that are worth your time? I got you!

13. Make a bucket list!

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This has been the most fun to make for me! I hope you never stop adding to yours, no matter how old you grow.

14. Write and mail a letter!

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The last time I mailed a letter was a year ago! Write a letter just because and I can assure you that the recipient will feel more love compared to a text message!

15. Call your loved ones/family more often!

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In the scary times that we are currently living in, it's nice to find solace in knowing that all of your loved ones are doing well. Even a five-minute conversation can make a big impact in your day and attitude!

16. Support local stores around you (safely)!


Local stores everywhere are struggling right now! Help them by shopping there if you have means to!

17. Finding a new hobby!

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Embroidery? DIY projects? Photography? Get creative with it!!

18. Rearrange your living space!

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A new look to the environment we are in so frequently right now can be quite refreshing! We may not be able to control much of what's going on around us, its nice to do the things we can/.

19. Start journaling.

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I personally love journaling my feelings but I cannot seem to get consistent with it! What I am consistent with is my planner, I love organizing my life goals, events, and things that are due! It is so rewarding to know that my tasks are neat and ready to help me kick my crazy schedule in the butt!

20. Start a garden!

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Planting gardens are amazing for the environment! Plants help absorb carbon dioxide, reduce air pollution, and so much more! They're also gorgeous to look at as well, nice little plus!

21. Sleep!

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I cannot stress enough how important sleep is to our sanity, emotional health, and physical health! So, while our lives may have been slowed down a little, take this opportunity to catch up on your Z's!


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