2022 Fashion Trends: 18 Styles to Follow
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2022 Fashion Trends: 18 Styles to Follow

The New Year has come with a lot promises in the fashion world. While fashion trends move fast, there are trends that have strong footing and are staying longer with us.

2022 Fashion Trends: 18 Styles to Follow

The New Year has come with a lot promises in the fashion world. While fashion trends move fast, there are trends that have strong footing and are staying longer with us.

Check out the latest fashion trends of 2022.

1. Low-slung Waists: While high rise jeans may have been in vogue for more than a decade, the low-slung waist is making a comeback this 2022. This style makes you look younger and sexier.

2. Pleated Skirts: One of the highlights of this year's runway so far was pleated skirt. While the mini versions were showcased the majority were the pleated midi skirt. You can find them in a variety of designs such as prints, plain, colorful, monochrome. Thru could also be paired with knits or with barrette.

3. Suits: Suits are making serious waves right now. White, black with waist tie or bold shoulders. You will certainly find the right choice for you.

4. Accessorized Legs: This year is seeing much decorations of legs. Thigh high boots with feathered trims, lace leggings, and embroidered hosiery are on show now. It's time to add these to your closet and wear them to flaunt your beautiful legs.

5. Strap-ups: Strap accents have been on for some seasons now. They are still trending in 2022 which will be ideal for summer. Yes, we can't wait for summer to arrive to enjoy our straps. You can have them as a top with multi straps across the shoulders, as décolletage or trousers with strapped waist than crises-crossing across the stomach or both. Chic is your outlook with this style.

6. Netted Knits: While you may not be a fan of knitwear in the summer, fair weather knits are making a comeback in the form of netting. You can have them as tops, vests, trousers, shirts, or even bags. For a stroll on the beach or a date night in your city, you can don a netted knitwear.

7. Cut-outs: We all know cut-outs and how cool they make you look. This year, they're trending with cool designs to show glimpses of your beautiful skin. Whether on gowns, skirts or tops, cut-outs give you elegance.

8. Underwear Outerwear; For bold dressers, underwear outerwear is out for the summer. You can layer it beneath an open blazer or a top/dress with a perfect cut-out for a cool hint of sexy.

7. Bulky Bags: Bulky Bags are ushering out micro bags in the current trends of 2922. This is perfect for those who have endless items they need while on the move. You know those important items that refuse to get squished into small bags, now is your chance to take them along with you.

8. Oversized Quilted Layers: Oversized quilted layers are trending now. Quilted jackets for instance gives you an adorable look while making a chic statement. You can wear it with a pair of jeans, over the knee boots and a fun top. Some fun earrings and cute rings will compliment it perfectly.

9. Fuzzy Accessories: Designers are bringing out lots of beautiful fuzzy accessories this time. All you need is to make your choice. It could be a hat, a purse. With many fuzzy accessories, winter bites lesser.

10. Sequins: Sequins surely bring out the shine in you. Lots of sequined outfits are still favored by many. It could be a sequined t-shirt with a pair of sweats for a cool ensemble.

11. Squared Toe Shoes: Pointed toes are waning to be replaced by square toe shoes. You have a lot of choices to make in this area. It is time to add them to your closet and style them with a pair of jeans, a mini skirt or shorts.

12. Y2K denim on denim: This old trend is coming back this year. We can remembered when Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake made them popular on the red carpet. You won't have to worry about what to pair together.

13. Corsets; In the past, corsets were undergarments. But the silhouetted top is back with a bang. Many Designers are adding them to their pieces.

14. The Color Yellow: The color yellow is trending now as it brightens the winter atmosphere and gives a more lively outlook. You can wear it on a blouse, a cardigan, a leather jacket. You can wear the color on a fun pair of prints. Yellow infuses joy and optimism in you and your admirers.

15. Mushroom themed Designs: At the moment, mushrooms are featuring in lots of designs. Some prominent designers are experimenting with mushroom based materials as an eco-friendly alternative to conventional leather. At the same time, they are using more mushroom motifs in their designs to lend more support to the cause of eco-preservation.

16. Oversized Wears: Maxi styles are in vogue now. You can wear them to suit your taste and look great.

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17. Miniskirts: Miniskirts are back with a glow. Back in the 1990s, they were everywhere. If you didn't enjoy them then, here is your chance to cueing and enjoy it while it lasts.

18. Bravos : You remember in 2020, this style was almost abandoned while in 2021 it was embraced as a standalone alternatives to shirts or tops. 2022 is witnessing it use again as more people wear them to gym, errands or parties. You can layer it under power suits and a pair of high slit skirts.

Go shopping today on these trends and have fun dressing up.

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