2020 Election and Students
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3 College Student's Thoughts On the 2020 Election

Views from a conservative, liberal, and libertarian.

3 College Student's Thoughts On the 2020 Election
@hellodarling_sarah on instagram.com

The 2020 election is approaching, and although I define myself as a liberal and a democrat, I was curious to see the thoughts of young members of the other political parties. I surround myself with views that I agree with, and thought it would be interesting to try to understand the other parties a bit better. I think a big problem with our country today is the judgement and vast divide between political parties. I have been guilty of judging people based on their political affiliations, and I want to change that so we can all understand one another a little better.

I asked each student for their opinion on our current president, Donald Trump, as well as their thoughts on currently politics and who they would be voting for in the next election.

Emily Horensky, 20 (Conservative)

@emilyhorensky on instagram.com

"Yes, I do like Donald Trump. Before hatred comes my way I would like to defend myself in saying I support what he has economically done for our country. In my opinion the good outweighs the bad and I support him. As far as social issues come into play, no I don't think he is right in everything he says but he is making his best effort to help the men and women of this country. The thing about supporting him, many people often consider me racist, and unaccepting. I am the complete opposite of that and I truly believe in the equality of all just like Donald Trump does as long as you are a citizen of this country.

The most pressing issue in our country today is the divide in almost all issues. Our founding fathers didn't think it was a good idea to have political parties and it's coming back to bite us all in the ass. The political divide in this country is too extreme and America needs to find common ground and look past the names and stereotypes of each political party. With that being said, I do believe that universal healthcare is a pressing issue in our country and I do not believe it should be a thing.

I will be voting for Donald Trump in 2020 because I believe he has done a great job running this country so far and he would continue to do a good job for another 4 years."

Reese Graham, 20 years old (Strong Libertarian)

@the_insta_graham on instagram.com

"No, Donald Trump stands for nothing. What he represents is everything I am against.

The most pressing issue is how many Americans want to become politically identical to Europe. I hope the USA is never anything like Europe politically.

I don't want any of the current candidates announced, if I had to choose someone I would want it to be Ron Paul."

Liv, 20 years old, Democrat (Liv asked to remain partially anonymous)

@womensmarch on instagram.com

"[About Donald Trump] No isn't a strong enough word... I believe he is ill fit to be our president for his lack of experience and overall inappropriateness ranging from his tweets to his spoken words specifically, "grab her by the pussy.'

I believe the most pressing issue in our country is gun control. The amount of deaths due to guns is outrageous compared to other countries. A simple fix would be to make stricter laws concerning guns, but shooting after shooting, nothing is accomplished. Health care is another one. Trump is back to trying to shut down Obama care when he already failed at not only shutting it down but trying to come up with something to fix it. The Wall is also ridiculous but the fate of The Wall has been decided not much to do now.

I am highly considering Beto O'Rourke. I like Beto for a few reasons. For one, I believe he has the best shot at winning due to his previous election in Texas (a majorly conservative state where he received more votes than any other democrat.) I also think he's not too liberal like some other candidates, which means he could beat Trump. I have a soft spot for Bernie, but know the country isn't ready for someone like him and believe his chances are low in beating Trump. Isn't that a sad statement? I think a monkey should be able to beat Trump but something unnatural is going on in America."

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