What Went Down During 2019 Critics' Choice Awards

Broadcast Film Critics Association presents the annual award show known as the Critics' Choice Awards. For this year 24th annual Critics' Choice Awards, it was an unforgettable night filled with glam and shocking surprises.

1. Host Taye Diggs

Taye Diggs started the night with a dance and song that represented the diverse nominations for the Critics' Choice Award. He is known for his roles in the musical "Rent" and in films like "The Best Man Holiday."

2. John Krasinski Wins "A Quiet Place"

John Kransinski was humble and shocked about his win. During his speech, he spoke highly about having the chance to work with the love of his life, Emily Blunt. His message will tug at your heart strings.

3. William Jackson Harper and Manny Jacinto

They are well known for their works on "The Good Place." At the Critics' Choice Award showed up in style and killing the menswear look.

4. Tied for Best Actress in a Limited Series

Amy Adams was first called upon stage, however, she wanted the other winner to come up with her. Then, Patricia Arquette was announced and they both gave their speeches at the same time. This was a defining and powerful woman's moment.

5. "Crazy Rich Asians" won Best Comedy

The cast of "Crazy Rich Asians" were surprised over their award for best comedy. They also look crazy glam with their looks at the event.

6. Another Tie

Lady Gaga and Glenn Close both won for best actress. In Lady Gaga's speech she delivered an inspirational message with her life experience and what she got from "A Star Is Born." Glenn Close is known for much of her success of being a Triple Crown winner with an Oscar victory, however, she is still surprised and humble with her award.

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