In many ways, 2018 was just another year. We all have good memories and bad experiences. They both define our years, and we revel in the good times. However, when looking back at this year I realized just how consistently inconsistent this year was, from a societal and a personal perspective.

2018 was a real roller coaster year from start to finish.

First off, personally? I managed to achieve a lot. I got onto a research project for next semester, I managed to invite my senior senator for a get out the vote rally on my campus, I made new friends and commenced meetings for a medical ethics club my friend and I created on our campus. I also found great volunteer opportunities this year.

Those were great moments of this year and they defined it positively.

However, last year came with its own downsides. School was a struggle — it was hard to find a balance and juggle all of my responsibilities. Certain classes vexed me — some teachers seemed to be too demanding and a hassle, while others moved at the speed of light, making it too difficult to succeed in the class.

Combine that with working in a hospital at ungodly hours, and the year was immersed in stress. Stress, while sometimes positive, is not positive when it's consistently present.

2018 also brought us many ups and downs as a nation.

From the President defending hush money payments for infidelity, to the immense fires causing apocalyptic amounts of damage to California, to trade wars that harmed many of our farmers and fellow Americans — 2018 was a year with many disappointing and saddening moments. There was many a fight over politics, further increasing the division between sides of the aisle in America.

2018 also produced some of the worst music imaginable. Justin Timberlake's new album was tragic, 6ix9ine dropped some pathetically drab and dull material and Lil Xan — a shockingly bad rapper as is — dropped an album that exceeded all expectations for badness.

However, 2018 also brought us some great moments.

Some phenomenal music was released this year in the form of Astroworld and Kids See Ghosts, as well as Boarding House Reach by Jack White.

2018 also brought out the highest midterms turnout since 1914, with an estimated 118 million votes cast. Whether or not you agree with the House shift, it is satisfying to see so many individuals involved in the democratic process, despite obvious gerrymandering in many states.

Furthermore, public school teachers in many states — frustrated with decreased funding, lower salaries, and frankly understaffed and dilapidated facilities — fought for better pay for teachers and facilities for future generations of students.

Overall, 2018 was an interesting year.

While there is much more one could discuss in terms of culture (Kanye, Drake, the many memes that were promulgated across the internet, movies such as Black Panther), 2018 brought along the usual in terms of something exciting and great, as well as something remarkably sad.

2019 will, hopefully, not be as consistently inconsistent as its predecessor was.