2018 Taught Me Some Of The Most Important Things

Throughout the last 365 days, life has taught me more than I could imagine. There is so much to be thankful for, but a special "thank you" goes out to 2018 for all of the following:

2018 has reminded me of who I was before societal pressures and conditioning, prior to the unwelcome expectations of conformity.

2018 has shown me the most beautiful corners of the world and the bluest water one could envision, further instilling my desire to adventure further, deeper, and more frequently.

2018 has made me recognize my need for solitude, as my alone time has become a period of reflection and space for me to grow comfortable within the confines of my mind.

2018 has forced me to make difficult decisions. I can proudly say none have been paired with regret, as my happiness was the main motivation.

2018 has introduced to some simply dope music that I wish I could hear again for the very first time.

2018 has pushed me to mature and obtain a more understanding stance, as everyone is just doing the best they can.

2018 has reinforced the importance of solid relationships, be it with family, friends, or a significant other, as they are the people that feed your development.

2018 has proven the natural good of humankind, as I have met some of the most selfless, loving people that have inspired me to live a more open, loving life.

2018 has made me appreciate and take pride in my strength, as many could not thrive through hardships I have encountered.

2018 has shown me that I have a lot of work to do regarding self-love, but I am now willing to try.

2018 has helped me discover my next step, even though it wasn't what I was originally planning.

2018 has validated the statement, "hard work pays off," as I have worked my ass off and seen results.

2018 has diminished the importance of and shown the adverse effects of having a strict plan. I am now taking life as it comes and accepting life for what it is, not what I thought it would be.

2018 has introduced me to the urgency of climate change and further awoken my mind to threats our society faces. This has allowed me to fight for things I believe in.

2018 has pushed me to open up and have uncomfortable conversations in the name of self-help and healing, an indication of progress.

2018 has allowed me to stop taking life so seriously, nothing is really that bad when there is so much good.

And lastly, 2018 has continuously confirmed how wonderful the world is. Be it the people that inhabit it or the structures, seas, and mountains that shape it, the world is the greatest gift.

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