Many sporting events catch my eyes every year. UEFA Champions League, the World Series, and various other sporting events all are alluring in that they all provide some sort of sport to enjoy. However, there is one sporting event that will always catch my eye every time it comes on; the World Cup. Even if you are not a fan of soccer, it is an event worth observing.

For one, soccer, I believe, is an art form. Combining the slick passing, agility, great moves, and the expectations hoisted upon a player's shoulders due to them playing in the world's most prestigious tournament makes for a great event. The goal scoring of Cristiano Ronaldo, the passing of players like Isco, the all-around greatness of Lionel Messi... The list goes on. When you toss all of these players together, it creates the greatest competition on the planet.

Secondly, the tournament has always been a phenomenal display of patriotism. From the legions of natives that travel to the host nation, to the fans at home, to the celebrations in the street, it serves as the great unifier among citizens of a country. It also serves as a unifier of people between nations; people love and adore the beautiful game, and if they aren't competing against one another (or rivals), then it is a sport many people could discuss for hours on end, especially at World Cup time. It truly is the tournament that involves the most passion and unity.

Lastly, the competition is fierce. Rivalries (Germany/England, Argentina/Brazil, Mexico/U.S.A.) are unique and driven by both a desire to win, patriotism, and geographical proximity (Brazil Vs. Argentina, for example, is so intense that it had Brazilians cheering for Germany after they beat Brazil 7-1 in the finals). It is here you see the fun stuff; the flare, the red cards, the fighting that makes the sport fun. It makes it different than most other competitions because you are not just playing a game and representing a team; you represent your nation. Your nation relies on you. And that makes it fun.

Overall, the World Cup is fun. Good soccer, rivalries, patriotism, but also some semblance of unity. It provides an outlet from this crazy world we subsist in. It is, truly, the best. I'm so excited for it to be back this year, and it always improves my year, even if the United States is not playing (sadface). Oh well.