2018 Has Been the Best Year Because I'm Actually Achieving My Resolutions

2018 Has Been the Best Year Because I'm Actually Achieving My Resolutions

I've done some cool things, and I have already achieved some goals of mine.

In the VERY beginning of this year, I posted an article about 18 things that I want to do in 2018. It’s the beginning of April, and that marks us about a quarter of the way through the year. Yeah, we got 9 ish more months of 2018, and it has flown by so fast.

With that being said, I want to give an update on this list. I find that in order to be successful, we need checkpoints and we need to hold ourselves accountable if we want to achieve something. In fact, it’s a thing that very successful people with ambitious goals do and I learned this in college.

Well, I have a goal to achieve these 18 things and I am checking in with you guys. Now, onto this list.

Now 2 of these things on this list are things I am SUPPOSED to be consistently doing throughout the year. As for those two things, yeah I failed on both of them. I haven’t documented every day of the year, I forgot quite a few days. College gets busy.

As for eating vegetables every day, yeah no I didn’t do that either. I have been eating better, but I have gone days without eating vegetables. College gets unhealthy.

My excuses aside, especially since they are totally illegitimate excuses, I have achieved QUITE a few things on this list. In fact, I have done 5 of those things. I am calling this a success so far, I still have technically 11 other things om this list.

These 5 things are pretty big things too. A couple of which are things that were actually on my original bucket list for life, that’s exciting.

The first thing I’ve done off this list was buy a lotto-ticket! The Powerball was really high one in the beginning of January, and my mom wanted a chance to win MILLIONS! She gave me money and told me to buy a lotto ticket, and we lost! However, it was cool to buy a lotto ticket and it felt very adult-ish of me.

The second thing I’ve done off this list this year was traveling off the East Coast. In fact, that trip was a life-changing trip and I wrote an article about it. I went to Texas one person and came back to the East Coast a new woman.

The third thing I’ve done off this list was cook 3 meals. My winter break is really long, and I had to eat at home and not order in every day. By doing that, I forced myself to cook some rather basic meals.

I learned how to cook Pasta, Eggs, and Pancakes. Not going to lie, I make a mean pancake, and yes it was from out of the box. However, I still made a tasty pancake and all of you would love them #trustme. As for the rest of the stuff, it was good and the eggs were edible, so that was a success.

Learning how to cook was felt like I was actually adulting. Doing laundry is one thing (I still DREAD doing it), but cooking is another because that takes a lot of time to like practice and get good at. Also, it feeds you and we all need food and healthy wallets.

The fourth thing I did was finish my book! Yeah, I wrote a book and I finished it. It’s a legit book with like 263 pages, and I am not going to be publishing it anytime soon! That part actually takes a lot of time and effort that is centered with deadlines and stuff, and I don’t have the energy to put into that process right now.

The final thing I have done so far is I volunteered at a Soup Kitchen. I went with a club on campus to a soup kitchen in Wilmington, and it was an eye-opening experience. The people we served, relied on this food and it hurt to see the poverty that is happening in the town over from my college. It makes me want to do more for this community.

Giving back is something that I have done a lot this semester, and I am not going to stop giving back. Each time, I do service it gets more humbling and I get more curious about the communities I am helping. It makes me want to make a bigger change on this planet.

We all are ripples on this planet, but we can make waves of change by giving back. We can change the world and be more than just a little ripple that nobody cares about. How? Doing service and giving back when possible.

Now, I have 11 more things to do. I got 9 ish months, and I will achieve these things. Just watch me.

2018 is my year, and I am killing it right now and I will continue to kill it.

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34 Things I Should Have Brought To College At The Start Of Freshman Year, But Didn't

To the incoming freshman from the rising senior.

Coming from a rising senior at the University of Dayton who has lived in an over-sized double dorm room, to a suite-style quad dorm room, to a house with virtually no storage space sharing an octagon-shaped single room (and single closet)... These are the random little things no one thinks to bring to college or put on these lists, but they will make your life on campus a million times better. I ended up buying these items long after I started college, and they were a big help. Don't make the same mistakes I did.

1. Shoe organizer

These are great for various items such as toiletries, snacks, and, of course, shoes.

2. Under-the-bed storage bins

During college, most of my storage has been under my bed, so this is a must.

3. Photos

To remember the happy times with your friends and family. Add to your collection over your college years.

4. String lights

Just to add a little something extra to your space. The dim light is totally relaxing.

5. Makeup wipes

For when you're too tired after going out to actually wash your face.

6. Extra sheets and towels

Trust me, you're not going to want to wash your sheets and towels right away so you can use them immediately. Bring back-ups.

7. Tide pods

These are awesome. Plus they smell heavenly.

8. Drunk dorm/microwaveable snacks

For when you come back after going out and the dining hall has already closed. Ordering Domino's or Jimmy John's night after night is NOT a cost-effective option.

9. Gatorade

For when you're too dead in the morning to walk down and get one from the dining hall.

10. Keurig and coffee

Just in case the dining hall runs out of coffee during finals week. Believe me, it can happen.

11. Chip clips

You will accumulate many of these from free vendors and events on campus, but somehow, they are no where to be found when you need one.

12. Paper towels / Clorox wipes

You can never have enough.

13. Rain boots

So you'll be able to make it to class on those rainy days without having to sit in soaking wet socks and shoes for 50 minutes (yikes). And you can jump in all the puddles you wish.

14. Alarm clock

If you're like me and could sleep the whole day if you didn't have an alarm, your phone alarm just doesn't cut it sometimes.

15. Back study pillow

Even if you don't think you will use it, you will end up wanting it.

16. Command strips

These are the only things that will stick to most dorm room walls.

17. Rug

Especially if your room has a cold tile floor instead of carpet.

18. Air mattress or sleeping bag

For your friends visiting you on campus, or if you ever go on a trip.

19. Disposable dishes

At least while you live in a dorm with a community sink.

20. Red solo cups

Because you don't want your morning-after milk or apple juice to taste like last night's $8 vodka.

21. Costumes/holiday wear

This is something I totally didn't even think about when I first came to school. Now I have an entire bin JUST for costumes and holiday decor.

22. Crazy daydrink clothes

If you have a few jerseys, you're set. If not, take a trip to the local goodwill with your squad and pick up a few things. The crazier, the better.

23. Towel wrap

If you're like me and just like to chill in your towel after you shower ( and a robe is too hot for you), these are a must. And they're super cute.

24. Wristlet/clutch/small purse

You won't want to lug around a large tote while you're out with friends or doing daily activities.

25. Comfortable heels

Don't let this be you!!!! I've been there, and nothing will ruin your night of dancing at the club like shoes that give you blisters and disable your walking by the end of the night.

26. Business casual and business professional clothes

And make sure you know the difference and when each is appropriate.

27. Water bottle

In college, your water bottle is your best friend. You never go anywhere without it, and it actually helps you to drink the amount of water you're supposed to drink each day (maybe).

28. Blender

If you're a fan of smoothies (or frozen margaritas) and want to make them at home for less.

29. Flashcards

Flashcards are a great way to study. If they're not for you, buy them anyway just in case you want to try them out. Or if anyone on your floor is desperate for them, they will be eternally grateful.

30. Mini fridge

When you're sharing a fridge with 3+ other people, things can get pretty tight. I recommend buying this with your roommates so you can share the extra space.

31. Calculator

Just in case you change your major and have to take math again (like me).

32. Thermometer

So you can know for sure whether or not you have a fever.

33. Drying rack

Because you're actually not supposed to put everything in the dryer, who knew?

34. Rubbing alcohol

Works wonders for getting those impossible Thursday night Xs off before your Friday 9 a.m.

These things have helped me make it through three years of college, especially freshman year. Hopefully, I have helped you prepare for your college years somehow. Good luck and have fun!!!

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Cover Image Credit: oregonstateuniversity / Flickr

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Remember To Live In The Present, There's No Reason To Be Concerned About The Past

Constantly thinking about the future will cause you to neglect the present.


Everyone pretty much does this. During a moment when you're bored and you suddenly start daydreaming about the glamorous life you'll have in maybe five to ten years is not a problem in my eyes. It's normal to think about the type of life you want in the future. However, if thinking about the future causes you to ignore and miss out on what is happening at the moment then that kind of is a problem. Even though I know that constantly thinking about or worrying about the future is not good, I still seem to do it. It's a habit that is hard for me to break.

I have read many blog posts and watched many videos about how living in the present will make you happier. I've always been the type of person to constantly think about the future; whether it's about something as important as my career or something not as important like which set of pajamas I'm going to wear to bed. I've caught myself multiple times missing out on something due to zoning out and most of the time thinking about something that doesn't matter until later to come. I'll never forget the time I went to see pop and r&b; singer, Yuna, perform during my sophomore year of college. I remember I couldn't wait for her to perform my favorite song of hers. When she finally did I unintentionally started thinking about which classes I was going to take in the spring semester! As if that even mattered at the moment! I realized that I was missing the song and brought myself back to earth before it was over.

There have also been many times where I would lose some sleep because I would think about the future, and at times the past as well.

It has never been to the point of me not being able to sleep for so many nights in a row, but I know constantly thinking about the future or past, especially if there is stress added to it, could cause sleepless nights to occur. To me living in the moment is the way to live. Thinking about the future and preparing for it is not at all a bad thing. Even bringing up the past, as long as it is positive or it will be used for teaching is okay too! I believe that it's bad when thinking about the future and past stops you from enjoying what is happening at the moment. I am definitely going to try harder to be more in the present and to enjoy the moment myself.

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