Fresh opportunity is in the air for many as we commence the new year. Resolutions have been made (and some already broken). Even the weather has started making noticeable changes. Nevertheless, a new year definitely brings the vibes of beginning anew. The #2017flipchallenge is just one trend that has everyone pumped about getting the year off to a good start financially.

The "flip challenge" was started by entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk. To say that Vaynerchuk is a successful businessman would be an understatement. The now billionaire, used his passion for business and knack for internet and social media platforms, to multiply his family’s small liquor store into a million-dollar business.

Now, the YouTube personality/motivational speaker/businessman challenges people across the globe to channel their wasted leisure time into some productive money-making time. The idea is to flip inventory you already have into some change. You would do this is by selling items around your house that are not in use. The ultimate goal of this venture is to make a stunning $20,170 in profit by the end of the year, the number cleverly chosen to align with the year 2017.

Vaynerchuk believes the goal is reachable to those looking to build a stable financial platform, get out of debt or raise money to fund a personal business. Self-awareness is big for Vaynerchuk and he recognizes, as we all probably do, that we way spend too much time on leisure whenever we get some down time.

“Attack. Don’t watch a single thing. Don’t go anywhere for the next [12] months. You will win.” This advice Vaynerchuk gave to a woman on one of his “Ask Gary Vee” YouTube episodes is the same advice he would give to anyone.

Vaynerchuk believes that if everyone would spend those ‘down time’ hours doing business that it would bring in at least $20,000 by the end of the year to those who diligently go about it. The people who will come out on top, according to Vaynerchuk, are those willing to put in the effort of getting online vendor accounts, putting in time to understand the market, understand supply and demand, and correctly promote the items they choose to sell or their small business.

For non-entrepreneurs, Vaynerchuk suggests a simple eBay account, the Facebook marketplace, or other website, where you can easily sell unused items. So, dust off that old lamp by your fireplace, gather those clothes you never wore, and grab the sewing machine from the attic to begin building your finances.

College students who sell their books after using them for a semester are already familiar with this process. So invest some extra time this year into selling other valuables you may have.

People going all in on this challenge is what Gary Vaynerchuk would like to see. (You can find his YouTube series “Ask Gary Vee” for even more entrepreneurial tips and subscribe to his main YouTube channel “Gary Vaynerchuk” to hear him speak).

Especially now, with the state of social media, Vaynerchuk believes the playing field is much more level than when he first started. Now, you can use hastags, go live, use tagging, links, and mass messaging to promote personal business ventures and even find customers for your product.

Even if you do not make it to the goal of $20,170 this year, this challenge is definitely a start, and which of us couldn’t use a little extra money?

“We ain’t really never had no old money. We got a whole lot of new money though.” Hopefully this line from the Migos song “Bad and Boujee” will be true for you by the end of 2017. I think Vaynerchuk would agree that it can, in the sense that there is a lot of opportunity for people to simply invest time, and the resources they already have and really make it big.

The challenge is on! Use 2017 as a growth year: to build your dreams, get yourself out of debt and build the empire you may not have even thought possible.