2017 Bucket List

2017 Bucket List

Can you believe I've never been camping?

I know myself, and know that I won't keep a New Year's Resolution if I make it, so instead, I decided to create a 2017 bucket list! Here's some things I've never done, habits I'd like to create, and things that I want to make happen this year!

1 . Go camping

Oddly enough, something I have NEVER done is been camping! Sure I've been to camp and stayed in a cabin but the whole sleep in a tent outside and cook your own food... never.

2. Blog more

I have a website, check it out if you want, but I hardly ever write on it! I write things from personal things, religious things, political thoughts, I post my "photography", and talk about my travels! I would love to write on that more. Check it out here!!

3. Declare a major I love

I'm on the track to declare a Communications and Political Science double major, so I'm not really struggling to find my place and what exactly I want to study, but I'm really hoping to declare that this year!

4. Learn how to cook a really great meal

If you know me at all, you know that I am physically, mentally, emotionally, and really all over just completely inept in the kitchen. I can maybe cook a can of soup and not screw it up. I would love to leave 2017 saying that I can make a chicken or a steak or something a little bit above pasta!

5. Get up and watch the sunrise

My campus, Furman University, is located LITERALLY right next to Paris Mountain in Greenville, South Carolina, and it's a really great place to hike and explore and spend time outside. During my time here, I would love to get out one morning and see the sunrise from Paris Mountain!

6. Travel somewhere I've never been

I've been really fortunate and able to travel to some fantastic places like Greece, Rome, China, and I have a huge heart for traveling. This year, I would love to travel somewhere that I've never been before. I'm a certified SCUBA diver and it looks like our next trip will be an intentional dive trip.. places on the list are Belize, the Grand Cayman, Great Barrier Reef in Australia, etc!!!

7. Be intentional

Something I've learned in college is that some friendships just "happen", but some do not! I've seen (or stalked) a few people that I would really love to get to know better, but have been too afraid to talk to them. In 2017, I want to be more intentional, send that first text, set up that lunch date, and make those awesome friends!!

8. Learn a new language

In high school, I took five years of Latin. Coming in to college, I was unsure of whether or not I would want to continue Latin, or if I wanted to try something new. Obviously I've made my decision seeing as it is on the bucket list, that I want to take a new language in college and learn something new!

9. Watch Gilmore Girls

Literally everyone watches or has watched this show except me. It's time.

10. Send more letters in the mail

One of the best forms of communication, and a lost art in my opinion!! I have an article on just why we should send more snail mail. Check it out!!

Thanks for staying tuned during my 2017 bucket list! Hold me accountable for these things and maybe even come out and do them with me! Looking for a way out of your new years resolutions that you won't keep? Create your own 2017 Bucket List!

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The 10 Best Things About Rhode Island

Who said RI is not Awesome!

With Rhode Island being such a small state people wonder what is so great about it. There are so many attractions that lead people to "Little Rhody" from the Newport Mansions to the RISD Art Museum. RI's beautiful beaches are also a plus for the locals who live here year round. But what is the best things about Rhode Island? With so many great things to choose from here is what I thought was the best things Rhode Island has to offer.

1. Del's Lemonade

With its numerous flavors and iconic cup imagery Del's is a Rhode Island staple. My personal favorite is mixing watermelon and lemon together!

2. Caserta's Pizzeria

Located on Providence's historic Federal Hill. If you are looking for a good slice of pizza Caserta's is the place to go.

3. Providence

It is basically the smaller version of Boston! No really, and that is where the city gets all its charms from.

4. Scarborough Beach

Forget Newport, this is the prime place to catch some waves. Personally, I think the water is better and Narragansett tends to be a litttle less touristy.

5. PPAC (Providence Performing Arts Center)

When you are too poor to catch a Broadway show so you go see the national tour instead. PPAC has become an awesome venue in recent years with lots of different plays, musicals and dance troupes coming to perform.

6. The Cliff Walk

Preferably after the tourist season because then you can actually walk on it. The Cliff Walk offers some breathtaking views and a little adventure.

7. Waterfire

There are a lot of Waterfire's during the summer and early fall so you can always catch one. Plus, it is free and provides great pictures.

8. Party Pizza

Some make think it is a disgrace to pizza everywhere, but it is still good. Nobody really understands why party pizza exists, but we never question it. Especially, after you stuff five pieces into your mouth.

9. Crook Point Bascule Bridge

It has become somewhat of a local monument for the locals. My friend and I always do a bit of site seeing around here.

10. Allie's Donuts

Home of the Donut Cake! Allie's makes probably the best donuts around here and that is not an understatement.

And there you have it! While, I think these are 10 best things about Rhode Island there is obviously so much more. If anything RI's quirky local eateries, beautiful landscape, as well as up and coming attractions are what make it special. Rhode Island has so many things to offer it is hard to choose. Personally, I think the food is the best, but my New York/New Jersey friends beg to differ.

Cover Image Credit: wwp.greenwichmeantime.com

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12/10: If You're A Student Without A License, Know That You Can't Always Rely On Other People To Drive You

Picking me up must have taken time away to do the things that he needed to do.


Compared to most college students, I am one of the only people that did not get their license yet and I have to take my driving exam soon. Driving is very important! Most of you who are reading this already know the reason why, but let me show you my perspective on its importance.

All of my friends had their licenses during senior year. When I had to attend hangouts, asking my friends to drive me to places was fine at first. Later on, it got very annoying. There were times when my friends cannot drive me to places because of restrictions and laziness. I did not go to a few hangouts because I wanted to lessen the trouble in asking my friends to drive me. I am not saying that they were selfish, but there are some things for me to keep in mind when it comes to driving. As a result, I persuaded my parents to teach me how to drive and they agreed after I told them about my situation. I learned how to drive throughout the summer time and I have to take the exam next month.

One true fact about me is that I am a commuter. Commuting is nice especially when going back to your comfortable bed and eating healthy homemade food. However, I still have to depend on myself when coming home. My mother usually picks me up after she returns from work, but it is still hard for her because picking us up takes away her time to cook dinner. There's also my sister's boyfriend who picks me up from college as well. Picking me up must have taken time away to do the things that he needed to do. Maybe it is best that I get the driving exam done with by the first try.

Someday, we will go somewhere and who will help us get there? The answer is only us. Everyone has their own lives and we should not disturb anyone who is busy. Once I receive my license from the driving exam, I will do what it takes to drive on the road. If my friends invite me to another hangout, I am going to drive myself to the hangout. I will help others if needed, but I have to see if getting to their address is safe or dangerous before I decide to help them. No matter what, I must be the one to control the wheel because I am the only one that can move myself to my desired destination.

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