The Internet is truly a magical place and often makes something out of nothing. The Internet is famous for memes, and once a meme gets popular, it literally takes over the world. Anything can prompt a meme explosion, but lately, there's been an excess of memes surrounding this year's presidential campaign. I can think of a few memes that have been generated that I've laughed at, but should we be laughing at the candidates running for president?

I think that it's important to understand that this campaign, this election, is an extremely serious thing. We are electing someone to run our country, and I want them to do an efficient job at it. I want progression in the way our country functions. OK, yes, I do love looking at pictures of Trump and Hillary with funny captions, but I also think that it's sad that this election is so ridiculous that it has prompted as many memes that it has. Every morning I scroll through my social media platforms and find at least one thing that has to do with the election, whether it's about a certain post that a candidate has made or something that a candidate has said, there's no escaping the election no matter how hard I try.

I guess what I'm trying to get at here is that although users of the Internet have created some quality content for us to enjoy and laugh at, we need to remember to pay attention to what the candidates are saying and doing. We can't let the memes that have been created be the only things we pay attention to in this election. As young citizens, we need to make sure that we are educated in all things surrounding the election so that we can exercise our right to vote and ensure that we are being educated voters. That post you saw about Donald Trump's hair isn't going to come in handy when you're at the polls and trying to decide whether you check the box that says Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump next to it. So, to the Internet, thank you for making me laugh. To all Internet-goers, please make sure that you are doing your research on these candidates. Continue to laugh at all of the memes, but also make sure that you're being serious when it comes time to make a decision.