Sometimes life catches up to you & before you know it it's Sunday at 1:00 & you still need to write an article that your parents will want to share on Facebook and your followers will want to read. In my last ditch effort to come up with something presentable I came up with a list of things that not only will make you laugh but also encourage you to make some beneficial changes to your life.

1. Wear sunscreen. You'll thank me tomorrow and especially when you're 60.

2. Don't forget to call your grandparents every once in a while or if they text you, don't forget to respond.

3. Order water at restaurants except for the occasional Bloody Mary at Sunday brunch.

4. Buy a dog & don't discriminate, Chihuahua's need a home too.

5. Finish what you start, regardless of how hard it may seem to accomplish, including that last slice of pizza.

6. Send out thank you cards, even if it's two months late. Your Aunt Susan will appreciate it.

7. Ladies--buy a red dress, Gentlemen--own a suit.

8. Have family dinners because that's where the best conversations happen.

9. Put down your phone. Work can wait, friends will understand, and your high score on candy crush isn't going to change.

10. Learn to parallel park. Like seriously, just do it.

11. Gentlemen--hold the door open, Ladies--say thank you.

12. Sing in car, sing in the shower, just don't sing like Mariah Carey.

13. Head over to Office Max, buy a planner, some cool highlighters, and a pack of sticker notes so you can at least pretend like your life is in order.

14. Be spontaneous, whether that looks like taking a random road trip or ordering something new on the menu.

15. Take a risk once in a while. Success doesn't come from playing it safe all the time.

16. Pick up a new instrument because nobody cares that you can play hot cross buns on the recorder.

17. Quit doodling their name in your diary and go talk to your crush because before you know it you'll be 40 and still single.