20 Times Shameless Characters Were Downright Politically Shameless

20 Times Shameless Characters Were Downright Politically Shameless

Newsflash: Circle doesn't start with an "S."


Disclaimer: Please note that some of the following characters’ actions and views expressed in Shameless do not necessarily reflect my own personal views. I am writing this with the means of merely listing examples of times when Shameless characters demonstrated their views on recent political issues that are currently ongoing in the US, while also promoting respect, recognition, and acceptance of a diversity of viewpoints, in order to contribute to a richer and more healthier, productive society.

Here are 20 times when Shameless characters were downright politically shameless.

1. Gun Control

When all of teachers and some students that Carl had sold guns to pulled out their guns in a panic after a kid drops his lunch tray.

2. Immigration

When Lisa points out the hypocrisy in Yanis’s hatred of immigrants. (Yanis is from Greece.)

3. Sexual Orientations

When Fiona defends her brother’s sexuality to Sammi.

4. Education

When Lip points out a huge flaw in the American education system.

5. Race

When Carl exclaims “Don’t shoot! I’m white!” to a bunch of cops who were about to arrest him.

6. Home =/= Upbringing

When Kev gives Lip an important life lesson. Your upbringing and past doesn't have to define the person you are now.

7. Poverty Line

When Lip forces Fiona to accept the reality of being poor after she tries to promote her club night.

8. Mental Health

When Ian points out that his illness is not his fault.

Check out this wonderfully written post here about mental illness and the clarifications of the misconceptions people have of it. Below is an excerpt:

"Yes, It’s a life condition.
No, it’s not your fault.
No, you are not your illness.
Yes, you can accept the disease.
Yes, you can live.
Yes, you can repair the messes.
Yes, you can love and be loved.
Yes, you can be happy."

9. Sexual Assault

When Matty points out how extremely imperative it is for everyone to learn what constitutes as consent, regardless of gender.

10. Foster Children

When Fiona tells the social worker what it’s really like being in the foster system. According to Fiona, it’s a nightmare.

11. Female Sexualization


(relax, they're making a joke)

12. Jobs

When Lip tells Fiona how it is. YOUR JOB DOES NOT ENTIRELY DEFINE YOU.

13. Feminism

When Fiona points out the absurdity of traditional feminine roles to Jimmy-Steve.

14. Dreams

When Jimmy-Steve reminded Fiona how it’s not selfish to live her dreams that are always on the back burner.

15. Clothes

When Mickey reminds us that we have the right to wear whatever we want.

16. Parents

When Debbie tells Shelia that we don’t necessarily have to turn out the way our parents did.

17. Alcohol

When Debbie tells Mickey that drinking his tears away won’t make him stop loving Ian.

18. Messing up

The one time Frank was actually right about.

19. Bullying

The thousands of other times when he was wrong.

20. Language

When the English language just didn’t make sense.

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