I always felt that I connected with Leslie Knope on a spiritual level. When I got to college, this connection was confirmed. I think the majority of students can also relate to these Leslie Knope quotes that completely nail the college experience.

1. When you are chronically sleep deprived

Between studying, hanging out with friends, watching Netflix, and the having class every morning, it's physically impossible to get enough sleep every night.This is where caffeine comes in clutch.

2. And then you actually get enough sleep for once

Is it just me or do you feel even more tired the day after you actually get 8 hours of sleep?

3. Walking into the same party house you go to every weekend

I may have wasted many nights here, but I will continue to waste even more.

4. After you take one to many shots but still haven't blacked out

I am invincible.

5. When you wake up the next morning

Maybe those last couple shots were actually a bad idea...

6. When your philosophy professor asks you to share your thoughts on the assigned reading that you didn't read

To be honest, I haven't even SARTRED to read that.

7. Telling your friends about a cute boy you met

It doesn't matter how old I am - when a boy likes me, I turn into middle school me again.

8. When you think about how you are going to pay off your student loans


9. After you get a D- on your calc test

I mean, it may be useful when it comes to paying taxes and budgeting, but I don't need to take any derivatives to do those.

10. When you need a favor from a friend

You gotta butter them up.

11. And she denies you - so you try again later

You gotta try two slabs of butter the second time.

12. When it's 9pm and you have three assignments due by 11pm that you haven't even started

But, I swear, I do some of my best work at the last minute.

13. When you are studying as a group for tomorrow's exam

Cram studying is better than no studying!

14. When it's girls' night

"Uteruses before duderuses"

15. When someone asks how your classes are going

They are really, really hard and I have no idea what is happening but I will still tell everyone: "They are good!"

16. When you've been studying for hours and your friends ask you to go out

Staring at study guides and notes drives me into delirium real fast, to the point of me making absolutely no sense.

17. When you eat cereal for dinner again

I probably eat cereal for dinner at least three times a week. Sometimes I really just can't eat dining fall food.

18. When you are going home for the weekend and think about eating real food

I can't live on cereal and trail mix forever, and nothing beats a home-cooked meal!

19. When you've been studying for finals all week and still don't know anything

Along with finals comes a lot of stress and anxiety... and sometimes tears.

20. When the semester is finally over and you get to go home for break

I'm not thinking about anything school related for the next month. I am OUT!