Living life in your 20s is definitely a roller coaster ride giving you whiplash at every turn. But, it is the most fun roller coaster you probably will ever ride. You will experience new things and meet new people. It'll be exciting, tiring, sad, easy and difficult all at the same time. "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" definitely knows what I mean.

1. When you totally just annihilated someone who has been giving you attitude all day long.

2. When you think you're an amazing dancer but really your friends are embarrassed by you.

3. When you don't tolerate randoms trying to come on to you.

4. When you try to convince yourself you are eating healthy when we all know you aren't.

5. When you and your man are winning at life and you both know it.

6. When the "brilliant" drunken idea you and your friends had yesterday turns out to not be so great.

7. When someone tries to insert themselves into your life and you have no time for their nonsense.

8. When you can't afford to get takeout but your cooking skills are nonexistent.

9. When your girl brings around that boy she swore she would "never" talk to again.

10. When you have zero patience and someone pisses you off.

11. When you and your squad are getting out of control and someone has to step up and stop the madness.

12. When that person no one likes finally leaves.

13. When you feel your best so you are basically an expert at life and NEED to spread your knowledge.

14. When your dramatic friend is at an all-time high with their exaggeration.

15. When a random is walking up to you and your friends at the bar so you have to warn your girls to run.

16. When the person you absolutely hate starts giving their opinion when no one asked them.

17. When you and your best friend are being lazy and decide to stay home and not care about how you two look.

18. When you haven't been eating right at all and you know you should exercise but after just a few minutes you swear you are going to die.

19. When you find out you have the day off from work and can go home to do nothing.

20. When a friend visits and they don't get your subtle hints that you want them to leave.

21. When you and your best friend are at the club and your song comes on.