Thirsty Thursday is lit and all, but the next morning sure as heck isn’t. After all the caloric intake of sugary liquids filled with bad choices and not getting home until 3:00 AM when you had to wake up at 8, your body isn’t really happy with you. You wake up completely unprepared for the day ahead of you. Sometimes you might not even participate in the day. However, if you do, a few things that might come to your mind.

1. "OMG, it’s morning already?!"

2. "Why do I always do this to myself?"

3. *snooze* x3

4. "All right, I’ll get up. I don’t want to, but I will."

5. *chugs water*

6. "I should probably take a quick shower to wash off my sins."

7. "Ugh, I don’t want to blow dry my hair."

8. "Wow, I only have 5 minutes to get ready."

9. "Let me switch out my pajamas for socially acceptable pajamas. AKA sweatpants."

10. "My hair is not fixable. Thank goodness messy buns are a thing."

11. "I don’t need makeup. Now everyone can see what I actually look like."

12. *looks in mirror* "Wow, I look like I've been trapped in an underground dungeon for 10 years, died, and rolled out of my grave just to go to class."

13. "I need greasy food and a coffee so I can tolerate people…and ya know, not throw up."

14. "Why is the walk to class so far?"

15. *class hasn’t even started yet* "This class is too long, I want to go home."

16. "I wonder if people are judging me because of how much of a slob I look like right now."

17. "I don’t care, though, I’m not here to impress any of these people."

18. One more class until I can go to bed. Hallelujah.


20. Oh look it’s 7 pm, time to get ready to go back out…sorry, liver.