If you're anything like me, registering for classes can be quite a headache. Although we are far from the days of having to physically line up to enroll in courses, there is still a fair amount of frustration that goes into preparing for the next semester. Say, for instance, you're studying abroad and you have to set an alarm for 2:30 AM to register (this, of course, is from personal experience).

It seems unanimous - regardless of what school you go to, registering is stressful. Whether it be getting the right time slots, the right professor, or simply getting the classes you need to graduate on time, registration usually begins in some form of anxiety.

Before registration:

1. What are my requirements again?

It can be difficult to remember all of those general requirements and pre-recs. Especially when you're a liberal arts student, it seems that there is a never-ending pipeline of social sciences.

2. Who changed Schedulr, and why?

I need answers.

3. Does this count as a diversity?

Which diversity is which? 1, 2, or 3? How many diversities do I have? How many do I need? Of each? Ugh, dis too much.

4. What does "Philosophy of Women" actually mean?

I'm enrolled, so I guess tbd.

5. How many schedules should I make before I realize all of my classes are full?

Probably five for good measure, right? Just to know what it would be like to have an ideal lifestyle.

6. Oh, all of my classes are full!

*contemplates switching majors* I mean honestly, I'm still finding myself! Who needs a "track" when their twenty?! (I do. I need the track. Give me my classes.)

7. I should make a schedule with horrible timing and random electives.

It's random, fun, and generally ridiculous. And yet, the reality.

During Registration:

8. I hope my PIN works.

9. I hope my PIN works.

10. I hope my PIN works.

11. Why the hell is my PIN not working.

*anxiety sets in*

12. *On screen that reroutes to emergency contact information* So this is definitely not where I need to be.

It's always a good reminder to know you have your emergency contact information down. Just not at 2:32 AM when you're trying to register for Rhetoric of Social Justice.

13. All of my classes are gonna be gone.

It's nice to think about taking an additional semester to finish your major requirements. Oh wait, nope. That's terrifying.

14. *Registers* Wait, not all of my classes are gone!

There is hope! A timely graduation! Good electives! Nice professors!

After Registration

15. A weight has been lifted off of my shoulders

The stress of scheduling takes it's toll, but man does it feel good to have it done.

16. Well, I hope my classes are close!

17. Realizing I have to walk from Bartley to Garey... not ideal.

Gonna get those steps in though #fitbitchallenge.

18. Who's in my classes? Any friends?

19. Ah, no friends!

20. Time to make new ones!

Every class at Villanova has at least produced one solid friend. This is something I always look forward to.

So, let's be thankful registration is over and that we can move onto bigger and better things! Namely, Thanksgiving. Then partially, Finals.