20 Things You Think About While Watching One Tree Hill

1. You think about how hot Nathan and Lucas are.

"Why can't boys from my high school have looked like that?" "Damn, he looks good."

2. Wishing that you had a love like Nathan and Haley do.

"Why are they so cute?" "Why can't any guy just treat me how Nathan treats Haley?" "I want a relationship like that!"

3. Thinking about how funny Skills is.

**Laughs at everything skills says.**

4. Thinking about how much you want to be Brooke Davis.

"Brooke is literally perfect!" "Why can't I be B.Davis??" "Even her laugh is perfect!"

5. Peyton changes the way you look at music.

"I wish I loved something as much as Peyton loves music." **Looks at songs with a new perspective.** **Liking Peyton's genres of music even though you usually hate those genres.**

6. Relating the characters to people you went to high school with.

"OMG, he reminds me so much of ____ from high school!" "She is exactly like
____!" "____ did that in high school too!"

7. Thinking about how much you hate Dan Scott.

"Why does he have to be such a jerk??" "Is he ever gonna change?" **Knowing his next move because he is so predictable.**

8. Hoping that one day you can be as good of a mom as Karen is to Lucas.

"How does she manage being a single mom, owning the cafe, going to school, and a love life??" "She is the perfect mom!" **Aspiring to be her one day.**

9. Having a love-hate relationship with Chris Keller.

"Damn, he is cute!" "Why does he have to be such an ignorant jerk??" "Doesn't he know Haley and Nathan are perfect together??" "Every time he performs it is perfection!"

10. Thinking about how cute Jaime Scott is.

"He is just the most adorable little boy!" "He is gonna be such a stud when he grows up."

11. Taking Whitey's every word to heart.

**Taking every team pep talk as life advice.** **Hanging on to every word of advice he tell Lucas, Nathan, Haley or Peyton.**

12. Wondering how many times Peyton has changed her hairstyle.

"I swear her hair wasn't that blonde in the last episode." "How did her hair go from crazy curly to tamed between two seasons." "Was her hair that short in the last episode??"

13. Wishing you were as smart as Haley in high school.

"I was the one needing a tutor, not being a tutor." "How does she know that??"

14. Thinking about how much you miss Keith Scott.

"Keith would have known what to say." "Keith should be there." "Keith should still be alive."

15. Hoping to find a boy like Nathan or Lucas Scott.

"I wish I could find a boy as sweet and genuine as Lucas." "Nathan is the perfect boyfriend!" "Lucas has every quality that I look for in a guy!"

16. Thinking about how far Brooke has come with clothes over bros.

"She is so successful!" "She went from selling clothes out of her house to this huge company." "She probably has SO much money!"

17. Questioning why Haley is wearing what she is wearing.

"What the hell is she wearing?" "Did she look in the mirror before she left the house?" "Whats with that poncho?"

18. Thinking how sexy Julian Baker is.

"Damn, Brooke got lucky." "He is so hot!" "Good-looking and intelligent!"

19. Always knowing Peyton and Lucas are made for each other.

"Don't they know they are meant to be??" "Why did she say no?" "They are as perfect as perfect gets!"

20. Wishing you could be part of it all.

"I wish I had friends like them!" "That's a friendship worth fighting for." "Why couldn't my high school have been like that??"

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