So, this past week I finally jumped from teenager to full-fledged adult. I am finally 20. I know in reality it is not a big deal, but I asked my friend Christina what I should write about this week, and she gave me this lovely idea.

1. Meeting new people

Every year new people come into our lives at the most unexpected times.

2. Not being a teenager anymore

As silly at it may sound I am excited to say I’m twenty because I feel twenty. I’ve experienced a lot during my teenage years, and I cant wait to see what the next decade brings.

3. New lessons to be learned

Every second of every day can be a lesson.

4. Finding your voice

As we get older, we tend to be more willing to stand up for our beliefs and ourselves.

5. One less year away from 21 (legal drinking)

Let’s face it, that’s all most of us are looking forward to.

6. Being an even number

Personally I prefer being an even number.

7. Being a fifth of the way to 100

That’s kind of cool, right?

8. Not being able to blame your parents anymore

You’re not a teenager anymore, and therefore you can’t blame all your problems on Mom and Dad.

9. Not having to (always) answer to your parents

You’re an adult; you have been for two years now, and that means you can make your own choices.

10. Not having to explain yourself to anyone

Once again, you do you.

11. Being older than most of your friends

Maybe it’s just me, but most of my friends are young for college. I’m like a grandma compared to some of them.

12. Giving advice to your friends

It comes with being older than them.

13. Building even stronger friendships

You start to figure out who is really there for you and who is temporary.

14. Losing some friendships

It sucks, but it is part of growing up.

15. Starting to actually have to work out

That whole “your metabolism will slow down” thing is real.

16. Maintaining the coffee addiction

You’re twice as busy as you were two years ago, and something has to keep you going.

17. Balancing work and play

This is possibly the busiest time of your life, but you should still take time to enjoy yourself.

18. Working in general

Were getting even closer to being actual adults.

19. Being seen as an actual adult

Once again, you’re in college; you're starting to build your life. Welcome to the real world.

20. Just having fun.