26 Things I'd Actually Rather Do Than Prepare For My Finals

26 Things I'd Actually Rather Do Than Prepare For My Finals

Pick your poison folks!

It's not a joke when people say finals week drains us. Most of us can agree on one thing... that we would rather do ANYTHING besides prepare for finals.. which would you rather do?

1. Give my dog a bath

2. Wash the dishes

3. Laundry

4. FOLD the laundry

5. Take out the garbage

6. Talk on the phone

7. Update my myspace profile

8. Try to remember my myspace password

9. Text my ex-boyfriend

Don't get your hopes us (you know who).

10. Do all my course evaluations

11. Shave my legs

Probably still not going to do this

12. Go to the doctors

13. Pay to go to the doctors

14. Run a marathon naked while it's snowing during a blizzard

15. Scrape ice off my car

16. Go get an oil change

17. Ask my parents for money

18. Go to work

19. Use bobby pins

20. Go to the dentist

21. Have braces

22. Take a cold shower

23. Lose your retainer

24. Bleed

25. Lose your iPhone charger


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Finals Week As Told By Schmidt

Schmidt Happens

Finals week is finally upon us. The time every college student has dreaded all semester and there is no avoiding it. Let the stress, tears, and sleepless nights commence. Here's Finals Week as Told by Schmidt.

1. When you walk into the library and see that there are no more spots available because every freshman decided to start using the library now.

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2. You run into someone from your class and they ask you how prepared you are for the final.

3. Your first meltdown begins...

4. And then you get a call from your parents asking you why you've been so on edge lately

5. When you're three coffees deep at 2AM and believe everything will be okay even though you still haven't studied.

6. The day has arrived and it's time to take your first final so you give yourself a quick pep talk.

7. When you are the first one to finish the final early because you didn't study.

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8. Trying to pack while studying.

9. And then you start wishing you didn't wait until the last minute to pack because now there is no way your stuff will fit into your car.

10. When you get your first grade back.

11. And you have to tell your parents how you did in the class.

12. When all of your roommates are done with their finals and you still have one left.

13. But then your time has finally come and you have finished your last final as well.

14. And you realize you have survived yet another hell week.

Cover Image Credit: tvmedia.ign.com

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5 Things to Keep You Occupied Over Winter Break

Those three weeks can be somewhat boring if you don't have a distraction.


Winter break is one of the most exciting breaks of the school year, but after a few days it might become hard to not be bored for the next two and a half weeks. All your college friends are back home, so all you can result to is sleeping all day. Here are a few things to do over this break to keep you occupied.

Watch holiday movies with family


Being away at college means being away from your family. Winter break is the perfect time to catch up on the last few months while watching all the beloved Christmas movies.

Going to the gym


Winter is the best time to stay in and hibernate while eating an assortment of foods. What's a better distraction than running off all over that winter weight?



College is always so time consuming that it makes it hard to be able to sit down and read something that isn't a textbook. Winter break is the perfect time for this. There's nothing better than being bundled up around a warm fire, drinking hot cocoa, and reading a good book.

Binge-watching your favorite TV shows


Netflix and Hulu are full of your favorite TV shows, including the holiday specials. When there's too much snow outside to go anywhere just sit back and relax for a few hours in front of your flat screen.

Go see Christmas lights


It's the most wonderful time of the year when different parks put up their annual Christmas lights. To get into the holiday spirit, go drive around and look at all of the different lights you've been waiting a whole year to see again.

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