It's not a joke when people say finals week drains us. Most of us can agree on one thing... that we would rather do ANYTHING besides prepare for finals.. which would you rather do?

1. Give my dog a bath

2. Wash the dishes

3. Laundry

4. FOLD the laundry

5. Take out the garbage

6. Talk on the phone

7. Update my myspace profile

8. Try to remember my myspace password

9. Text my ex-boyfriend

Don't get your hopes us (you know who).

10. Do all my course evaluations

11. Shave my legs

Probably still not going to do this

12. Go to the doctors

13. Pay to go to the doctors

14. Run a marathon naked while it's snowing during a blizzard

15. Scrape ice off my car

16. Go get an oil change

17. Ask my parents for money

18. Go to work

19. Use bobby pins

20. Go to the dentist

21. Have braces

22. Take a cold shower

23. Lose your retainer

24. Bleed

25. Lose your iPhone charger