20 Things You Should Never Say To A K-Pop Fan

The world of K-pop is run mostly by the fans. If there were no fans, there would be no K-pop, this is also the same for most things in the world. In some instances, though, these fans can be crazy and things you say might offend them or at least annoy them. There are many struggles K-pop fans face, especially if you are not Korean or Asian in general. Sometimes people say some stupid things that we, the fans, don't particularly like or get annoyed by because we hear them so often. Here are some of the worst:

1. Is he gay?

2. Is that a girl?

3. Is that a guy?

4. Is this Chinese/Japanese?

Yes, because the "K" stands for Khinese or Kapanese...

5. Can you even understand it?

6. Why do you listen to it if you can't understand it?

7. BTS? Why are they named Behind The Scenes?

8. K-pop? Do you know PSY? I like PSY!

9. Is she a lesbian?

10. They sound like the Korean version of...

11. Wow, they actually sing well!

12. Why are some words in English?

13. An album? What do you mean it's not a vinyl?

14. A comeback? When did they disband?

15. You're only into asians aren't you

16. They...

17. All...

18. Look...

19. The...

20. Same...

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