20 Things In Life That I Will Never Take For Granted
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20 Things In Life That I Will Never Take For Granted

It's always so important to count your blessings, and recognize all of the things that are given to you in life.

20 Things In Life That I Will Never Take For Granted

As you sit back and reflect upon what you are grateful for, think about your friends, family, and life experiences that you cherish on a day-to-day basis. Including the ones that have shaped who you are today. There are many people in the world who weren't given the same privileges or opportunities, and it is so important that we are grateful for all of those amazing things.

There are so many things in life to be thankful for and happy about. Here are 20 of them.

1. Having a close relationship with God

Growing up, my parents brought me to church each Sunday, along with both of my brothers. Learning about God and all of the things that He has given us, has shown me that I am wonderfully and beautifully made.

2. My amazing boyfriend

I am always able to talk to him about anything, and he makes me feel so loved and protected each and every day. He always knows how to pick me up, when I feel down and discouraged. Without a doubt, he continues to support me and encourage in everything that I do, in every way that he can. Each day, creating fun and goofy moments together, are always the memories that I will forever cherish. What's better than your boyfriend being your best friend and soul mate, all in one?!

3. My loving and supportive family

I'm very grateful to have a wonderful family, with parents who love and help me in every way that they can.

4. Musical talent 

I am grateful that 11 years ago, I decided to pick up the violin. I am so proud to say that I have stuck with it, and my love for music has grown even stronger.

5. Having an optimistic mindset

I'm always open to trying something new, or exploring new places and meeting new people.

6. My friends

Where do I even begin? My friends have been with me through thick and thin, and I don't know what I would do without them. I am always grateful that if I need any advice, I can ask them what they think is best to do in the given situation.

7. Life's future opportunities

I am so eager to graduate, and become the best teacher that I can be.

8. A safe and secure home life

I am so glad to say that I have been given a home life that I feel comfortable and safe in, with such a loving family.

9. A wonderful childhood

My parents always did the best they could to give my brothers and I the best and happiest childhood possible.

10. A great education

I'm so grateful to be studying inclusive early childhood education (IEC) at BGSU. It's such an amazing program and I'm proud that I'm taking all the steps and classes I need to, to become a future educator.

11. Confidence and a positive self-esteem

I am grateful that I have developed an overall confidence in everything that I do. Meeting new people and becoming friends with them, feeling confident in my appearance, and working as hard as I can in school because I know that I am capable.

12. Participating in sports throughout my life

I am more than grateful that my parents have put all the time, effort, and money, into allowing me to participate in sports for the majority of my life. It is definitely a sacrifice and a huge time commitment and I'm so happy that I have had the privilege of being a dancer, gymnast, cheerleader, and pole vaulter.

13. Writing for Odyssey!

This is such a wonderful privilege to be writing for such a great group of hard workers each week! I love putting my voice out there and having others relate to what I write!

14. Art museums

There's nothing more beautiful than walking around an art museum and looking at all of the breathtaking masterpieces created among various artists. Historical art is most definitely my favorite.

15. My creativity

I for sure love and am grateful for my creative side. I am proud to say that I was an athlete, and am currently a musician. I have most definitely worked hard in advancing these talents!

16. The weekend

What else can I say? Who doesn't love the weekend after a long hard week? Get caught up on the things you couldn't get to during the week, and then relax and enjoy yourself!

17. My daily routine

I am grateful that I am able to handle my very busy daily routine. Although it is stressful with classes, homework, and my job, I do enjoy having a set schedule each day. I always enjoy having set plans as well, to help keep my day moving.

18. Coffee and energy drinks

As funny as it sounds, YES, I am grateful for coffee and energy drinks. We all have those days where we feel the need for some sort of boost, and let me tell you, both of these will do just THAT to get you through!!

19. My job

I'm so grateful to be employed at a great place that I genuinely enjoy working at.

20. Life's challenges

In life, there's always an obstacle to face. It is so important to acknowledge how much you can grow from the challenges you have overcome, and learn how to strategize on how to tackle the next one.

Think about all that you have in life. What are YOU grateful for?

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