People give you a funny look when you tell them you commute to school. “You know you’re missing out on the college experience, right?” Well, that’s far from true. Here’s a list of things I’ve learned about commuting. To all my fellow commuters, grab some popcorn and soda, and let the giggles begin.

1. You will be so aware of gas prices.

2. You’ll calculate time down to the last minute regarding when you can leave to make it to class EXACTLY on time.

3. Homesick? What’s that?

4.Dunks drive thru will know your order just by the sound of your voice.

5. Your spot is YOUR spot.

6. Sometimes, you wish you lived on campus.

7. But then you see the gross dorms and are reminded of your comfortable bed and privacy.You can’t relate to getting sick of dining hall food because you barely eat it.

8. You can't relate to getting sick the dining hall.

9. Your car will become your second home.

10. People will hit you up for rides all the time.

11. The stigma “commuter students don’t have friends” is not true.

12. Your hometown will feel very lonely.

13. It's hard to join clubs because you don't want to drive all the way to school for a 10 minute meeting.

14. The freshman 15 will not haunt you.

15. Hearing resident life horror stories makes you so happy you don't live on campus.

16. The amount of fast food you'll buy is unreal.

17. You'll be the only friend with money.

18. No one will know you commute with the amount of time you spend on campus.

19. Traffic will be the bane of your existence.

20. Having the whole house to yourself when your family is gone and you don't have classes until later is magical.

So yeah, commuting has it’s cons, but it also comes with a list of perks. Though some people will judge and give you a funny look, don’t sweat it. Be thankful you have a family willing to continue to provide for you even after 18 years of your crap. Happy commuting my friends, don’t let the gas prices hit you in your confidence on the way to school.