20 Things Every Millennial Wants Underneath Their Christmas Tree
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20 Things Every Millennial Wants Underneath Their Christmas Tree

After this crazy year, they deserve a nice gift for Christmas

20 Things Every Millennial Wants Underneath Their Christmas Tree

Christmas is a week away, and while people are rushing to order gifts online for their kids and other family members, the true meaning of the season often gets forgotten. Children love toys and games, but for young adults, it can be difficult finding the perfect gift. Luckily with 2 to 3 day shipping, you can make sure that everyone gets something on time for Christmas, even if you are on a budget. Similar to kids, college students deserve to receive presents after their hard work doing online learning and getting through such a challenging year. Here are the products that millennials would like to get for Christmas.

1. Amazon Gift Card


Millennial's can purchase whatever they want with a gift card. This is a nice gift since they will be able to search for products by age, gender, and price.

2. Graphic T-Shirt


Fashion is important to college students. Finding a cool outfit for the upcoming semester can be challenging, especially with trends changing every few weeks or months. However, getting a casual graphic t-shirt with a unique, inspiring, cute or funny slogan is a nice gift that will put a smile on their face.

3. Scented Candles


The smell of a fresh candle with an interesting fragrance can brighten and enhance the atmosphere of any room so make sure to purchase one or a pack of them as a gift for the college student that lives off-campus.

4. Trivillennial - The Trivia Game For Millennials


Here is a fun game that college students can play. Millennial's quiz each other on the trends, people, and events to find out just how much they know about their own generation.

5. HappyPop Unisex Do Not Distrub Gaming Slipper Socks


This is the gift for millennials that love to play video games (hopefully now on a PlayStation 5) during their free time. These unisex socks will keep your feet warm as you play.

6. Millennium Falcon Keychain, Bottle Opener


This is the gift that Star Wars fan will love. Now you can open up your drink as you celebrate the end of 2020, the start of a new year, and Spring semester with this fun keychain bottle opener.

7. Healthy Snacks Gift Basket Care Package


College students need access to snacks when doing homework and studying for their exams. This basket of healthy snacks will keep them energized and provide the nutrients they require. It's also good for movies, game night and other events.

8. Stanley Classic Easy Clean Water Bottle


College students need coffee to stay awake during early classes and study sessions. Having their favorite beverage or soup in this thermos will help ease hunger and increase energy.

9. IPhone Case


At some point, college students will get bored with their phone case and want to change it, so a new protective case for their iphone in their favorite color and style is definitely a gift that should be on their list.

10. College Sweater


One of the best gifts that a college student can get is apparel for them to show support for their university. Although they can get one at their campus store, receiving sweater or hoodie for Christmas with their school colors makes this gift more special. It will make them think of good memories of college if they graduated. For students returning to campus, the apparel will give them something cool to wear during the new semester.

11. Scarfs


This is a gift everyone needs during the winter. Any college student would love to receive a scarf for Christmas, especially one in their favorite color and style.

12. Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner


Cleaning up all the dirt and mess from the inside of the car is difficult, but this gift makes cleaning more quick and efficient. This portable car vacuum has multiple attachments and comes with a carrying bag for easy storage.

13. 101 Secrets For Your Twenties


This book is great for college students going through the challenges of adulthood. With this guide, you can understand the secrets and tips to succeed and overcome any problem you might face like employment, break-ups, and life after graduating.

14. Manuel to Manhood


This is the guide for male college students who want to learn the important skills needed to succeed in life with topics like fashion, cooking, employment, finances, relationships, household organization, and vehicle repair.

15. VTIN R4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker


This gift will come in handy during the spring or summer months when hopefully you can enjoy a small BBQ party and (if you have a pool) go for a swim.

16. Bluetooth Beanie Hat


College students love music and what better way to hear all the greatest hits than this beanie hat. Millennial's will be able to listen to their favorite music without the need for headphones while staying warm during the winter.

17. Travel Laptop Backpack Water Resistant Anti-Theft Bag


Here is a gift that every college student could use. This cool backpack has enough space to hold your laptop and it includes a USP port to charge your phone.

18. Achiou Winter Knit Gloves


These winter gloves keep your hands warm and have touch sensitive tech that allows you to grip and touch your iPhone.

19. The Night Caddy Organizer- Deluxe Bedside Caddy


This gift allows college students to store their essentials and to charge their electronic devices. It's great for dorm rooms and vehicles.

20. Haundry Mesh Shower Caddy Tote


Now college students can store their cosmetics or bath essentials with this tote. It is easy to carry and has multiple pockets for holding small or large items like razors, toothbrushes, mouthwash, and shampoo bottles.

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