20 Things You Say When Calling Your Dad On The Phone

20 Things You Say When Calling Your Dad On The Phone

Knowing exactly who to call for help and when you need a laugh

Dads are the best resource for all things manly. However, when college rolls around you realize just how much you relied on them and how much you still don't know. Here is to all of those little questions and conversations you have when you just don't know what to do:

1. How do I change the oil in my car again? Actually, how do I find that little hook on the front to open the hood?

2. Boys are dumb. Were you this stupid when you were in college?

3. I have to tell you something, but don't tell mom please.

4. Do you think I can fix this with duct tape or is something more serious going to need to happen for this to work again?

5. I don't want to walk alone in the dark- can you talk for a couple minutes?

6. Will I die tomorrow if I don't see a doctor tomorrow about this or will NyQuil do for now?

7. Yes, I promise I will call mom back later.

8. Do you think taking a nap right now would be okay even though I have a ton of stuff to do?

9. Actually, do you know where mom is right now?

10. What is the best way to get home in 5 pm traffic?

11. I need something fun to do with my roommates. What did you do with your roommates in college?

12. Is eating pizza more than 3 times a week going to kill me?

13. What did your resume look like when you were applying for jobs? Can you look at mine?

14. What is the Amazon password again...?15. Is there a certain laundry detergent I am supposed to use if I got "____" all over my favorite dress?....again.

16. What is that one old song you play all the time again? It's like disco but has that beat but I don't remember any of the lyrics.

17. I also need the Netflix password please....

18. Do you like me or "insert sibling name here" more?

19. Can we talk for a bit while I tell you all of my problems? I really just need you to tell me that everything is going to be okay.

20. I love you a ton, and thanks for helping me out so much all the time <3

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15 Reasons Your Grandpa Might Be The Greatest Person In Your Life

He loves you so much.

Grandpa. The goofy old guy who has been with you since you were born. Maybe he lives close or maybe he lives far. Maybe he's quiet and reserved or maybe he's a complete goofball. Maybe you see him all the time or maybe he's up there watching over you. No matter the circumstance, it is important to realize that he's probably one of the best people in your life.

1. He's hilarious

Nobody can make you laugh harder than grandpa. Whether it's a hot take on a sports game or a great story, he's always there to make you crack up.

2. He's smart (and knows more than you've ever known in your lifetime)

You think you know a lot... And then you talk to grandpa. I'm telling you, this man knows everything you know times a million.

3. He raised your mom or your dad well

You may have some pretty incredible parents... Well, guess who raised them? Your grandpa is half of the reason your parent is as amazing as they are... That deserves a lot of credit and appreciation.

4. He lets you eat the good stuff

As a kid and now. As a kid, you'd get all the candy or snacks you wanted and we just kept it between us. Even now, half a quart of ice cream for each of us is a quality snack at grandpa's house.

5. He has shown you what true, beautiful love is

Whether your grandma and his partner in crime is still here or is watching over you, the love they've had for longer than your parents have even been alive is an inspiration. Since you were a child, you've had some pretty amazing role models to look up to.

6. He has however many grandkids and still keeps up with you

Whether you're the only grandkid or 1 of 30, somehow he always stays up to date about what's going on in your life.

7. He's genuinely interested in your life

You never have to feel like you're talking grandpa's ear off about your new job, your school or your relationship. He's all ears because he truly cares about you.

8. And swears to hunt down any person who hurts you

If you haven't got the "I'll kill anyone who hurts you" spiel from your grandpa, I think he's grandpa-ing wrong. You can cross me. You probably can't cross dad, but if you happen to slip through the cracks, you will not cross grandpa.

9. He's been there for all of your milestones

Whether it was your elementary talent show or your high school graduation, he's been there to watch you.

10. His job is just to love you

Grandparents' job as a whole is to love and spoil their grandkids. It makes sense why it is considered the best job in the world... And your grandpa is probably really good at it.

11. And he might be your biggest fan

No one cheers louder or high fives you harder than your grandpa, no matter if you're playing a sport or playing the piano. He is your number one fan and it is important everyone knows it.

12. He's known you your whole life

He's watched you go from a tiny baby to the incredible person you are now. And hopefully, he knows that a lot of who you are now is because of him.

13. He'd do anything for you

Name it and he'll do it. That's what people who love you like a grandpa loves their grandkid do.

14. He always has a smile for you

Sometimes your parents get mad at you and they're not happy to see you. No one is 100 percent excited to see you every time they see you... Except grandpa.

15. He loves you so incredibly much

The biggest and best reason he is so amazing is that he loves you. Unconditionally, always. You don't get a lot of those people in your life, so it is important to cherish them and love them back as strong as you can.

Cover Image Credit: Sara Petty

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Loving Someone With Mental Illness Is Different

Don't push them to talk before they are ready.


Loving someone with mental health illnesses is not easy. In fact it is the hardest thing that you will ever do. The person in the relationship that has mental health illnesses may not always be able to express what's wrong when they are having a bad mental health day.

The best thing for you to do when your partner is having a bad mental health day isn't to continually ask them what's wrong or what you can do to help. The absolute best thing that you can do for your partner is to just wait until they can talk to you.

Continually asking them what's wrong or what you can do when they can't yet tell you what's wrong is just going to make your partner more frustrated in the fact that they can't tell you what's wrong. Sit with them and be there for them and let them talk when they're ready and able to talk to you.

Some people with mental illnesses already think that they are hard to love or that they are never going to find real love. If they feel like this it's most likely because any past partners they have had haven't understood the mental illness or illnesses that they have. It takes time to really understand a mental illness and understand how it affects your partner. Don't give up on your partner before you understand the mental illness that they have and how it affects them.

Even if you have had a partner that has had a mental illness doesn't mean that the same mental illness is going to affect a future partner the same way that it affected your past partner.

Let them know that you will be around for them. If you don't understand their mental illness be up front and honest with them and tell your partner that you don't understand so that maybe they can help you to understand. Don't push them to talk before they are ready and once they are ready they will talk to you.

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