20 Signs You Were Orange County Born, Orange County Raised

20 Signs You Were Orange County Born, Orange County Raised

...because Southern California is actually the best!

Bridget Sjoberg

When I left Orange County, California to attend college in Waco, Texas, I didn’t realize how different the two cultures would be. Although I have developed an appreciation for the Texas lifestyle, nothing beats growing up in Southern California. With perfect beaches, the best Mexican food, and constant sunshine, Orange County is truly the greatest.

Here are 20 signs that you definitely call this place home!

1. Avocado toast, fish tacos, and In-n-Out are part of the daily diet

2. Traffic is just a part of the lifestyle- you always expect the 5 and Laguna Canyon Road to be jammed. Toll roads are always the way to go.

3. You definitely grew up with a Disneyland pass, and can still navigate your way around the park.

4. Rainbow sandals and Birks are worn every day of the year

5. You pull out your sweaters and boots when it hits below 60

6. Trader Joe’s is a lifestyle

7. Banzai Bowls is a lifestyle

8. Guac is a lifestyle!!

9. No matter what the distance, you say everything is max 20 minutes away

10. “Dude,” “Cruise,” and “Sick” are part of the vocabulary. People also say “like," like, all the time

11. You never, EVER, call it “Cali”

12. You probably did either Junior Lifeguards or a surf camp as a kid

13. Your family went to Hawaii every summer for vacation growing up

14. You know every street in Laguna, and you're used to walking up and down hundreds of stairs to get to the beach

15. You’re used to 75 degrees and sunny 365 days of the year

16. You absolutely HATE Santa Ana winds

17. High school parking lots are filled with most people’s dream cars, and it’s actually common to get a Range Rover or BMW when you turn 16

18. You have to explain that you live halfway between LA and San Diego to anyone not from here (and no, you don’t surf)

19. Wild Rivers and the Verizon amphitheater closing were traumatic life experiences

20. Who are you really if your zip code isn’t 949?

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