20 Relatable Things That You've Been Through As A College Student

College is unpredictable and stressful. You'll have only one class on Monday and then back-to-back classes for 6 hours straight the next day. Here are 20 daily thoughts and things that makes college an one-of-a-kind experience.

1. Debating whether to get Curology


Unless you have been blessed by the skin gods, you've definitely considered trying Curology. That one month free trial be looking good.

2. *Does a perfect messy hair bun in seconds to wash your face but all hell breaks loose when you're doing the bun to meet friends*

One. Eternity. Later. *Lets hair down*

3. Sees that there is no rain icon on top of the time now on the weather app. *Leaves dorm without an umbrella* *Rains*




5. *Debates whether to snack an hour or two before dinner because you might end up too full* *The cup noodle on your shelf looks more enticing than ever*



7. Eats in lecture hall when there are clearly NO FOOD signs. *Chews Softer*


8. *Wakes up at noon on a Monday just before an 1pm class*

9. *Has absolutely nothing to do, travels to dorm to take a power nap*

10. "I’m going to talk with my friends for a bit and then start my homework" *GOOFS AROUND FOR 4 HOURS INCLUDING EATING AT DINING HALL.*Looks at time* IT'S 11 P.M. AND YOU HAVEN'T STARTED ANY HOMEWORK OR SHOWERED AND YOU’VE GOT AN 8AM CLASS TOMORROW.


*Headache intensifies*

11. "I’m too tired to do laundry today, I’ll do it tomorrow…"


*Tomorrow* "Ehh, I'll do it tomorrow."

"12. Should I fill in my brows—Nah I'm going to be late to class." 

13. *Wakes up at noon on a Monday for your 1pm lecture*

14. "We’re going wild tonight, no regrets!"


15. *Puts up the peace sign to signal to the fraternity brothers behind the bar for not one but TWO cups of jungle juice for you and your bestie*

16. *Dressing to give an easygoing vibe for the first day of small class with a touch of OOMPH* (a.k.a. a colorful scrunchie)

17. “Can I get a lettuce wrap with my hamburger instead of the bun?”

18. *Plans to visit friends at other colleges, your getaway for the month*

19. *Mentally prepares the night before to wake up 15 minutes after the first alarm* *The next morning: WAKES UP ONE HOUR LATER*


20. *Wondering how everyone is so composed and mature while you feel like you aren't. You have never been more conscious of your body language and word choice* 

And that's adulting.

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