20 Reasons Why You Should Join The Rider Poets

20 Reasons Why You Should Join The Rider Poets

It's an expression I want more people to know about.


The Rider Poets: it's pretty self-explanatory, and it's a pretty laid-back club. Forming it, however, was not so easy. The Rider Poets is a club where individuals can come to express their inner emotions on a stage in front of an inviting audience. As a freshman, I knew this had to be a club. And when it wasn't, I just had this gut feeling that I had to create this club.

Poetry, by definition, means a literary work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm; poems collectively or as a genre of literature.

That is a huge reason why I created The Rider Poets. Each week, students at Rider come to the pub and just let their feelings out. Here are 35, out of billions, of reasons to join The Rider Poets. Disclaimer: You have to be a Rider student

1. Poetry is a healthy outlet that people can go to in times of distress.

2. We strive ourselves on having a friendly, welcoming audience.

3. We're inviting, and are open to all types of spoken word.

4. Feel silenced? Join The Rider Poets.

5. Need to lift stuff off your chest? Join The Rider Poets.

6. Have a spare hour to blow off some steam? Join The Rider Poets.

7. We have food and drinks.

8. Every week we have a theme, which can allow people to collectively take their stand on the topic.

9. Your public speaking skills will improve.

10. It's good to put on an application.

11. Everyone on the E-board is super friendly.

12. Improves writing skills.

13. You learn to be more empathetic towards people.

14. You learn to appreciate a new art form.

15. You'll make some new friends.

16. You learn collaborating skills (which is really good for group work).

17. Poetry is full of passion. You may find your new calling in life.

18. You can come on our stage, and do whatever you like.

19. Our mission statement is community, collaboration, and creativity, so we really want everyone to be free to write about what they want.

20. Just try us out, you won't regret it!

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Thank you.

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