20 Realizations I'm Glad I Had Before Turning 21

20 is such an awkward age. You are too old to be stuck with teenage drama, but then again you fully are not an adult. 20 is an age where things start to fall into place. 20 is a year that you begin to realize what being an adult is all about. Very soon I will be turning 21, and I have sat back and reflected on all the things that I have realized while being 20.

1. People always have an opinion on everything.

2. It is okay to disagree with people.

3.You get what you pay for. $9 vodka is $9 vodka.

4. Things do not always go as planned.

5. Googling symptoms never ends well.

6. College is tough.

7. I will always be late, there is no getting around it.

8. Paying taxes is literally the worst.

9. Paying for food is literally the worst.

10.Paying for things period is literally the worst.

11. No matter how many times I call my dog by his name, he still won’t listen.

12. I will be in debt for the rest of my life, so swipe that credit card at Target.

13. I have the best friends on the planet.

14. Trying to balance all aspects of life is stressful.

15. My grandma will never fully grasp how Facebook works.

16. It is okay to speak my mind, I am not here to please everyone.

17. No matter how old she is, I will still fist fight my little sister in the living room.

18. I am my parents' favorite child.

19. I am by far the funniest, smartest and prettiest person in my family.

20. I am #blessed.
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