20 Questions No 20-Something Wants To Be Asked On Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, what’s not to love?! Whether you’re coming home for break from college or getting together with the family again after living on your own for a while, Thanksgiving is such a great holiday full of food, family and football. While you’ll spend most of your time drinking and shoving your face with mashed potatoes, you wont be able to dodge some questions you’re bound to get from nosy family members. Even though we know you mean well by asking, we dread having to answer certain questions. Here are 20 questions no 20-something wants to be asked during Thanksgiving.

1. How are your classes going?

2. What are you majoring in again?

3. Oh, you know it’s hard to find a job in that field, right?

4. Are you still single?

5. So, what do you want to do after you graduate?

6. Have you found a job yet?

7. What about an internship?

8. What about a boyfriend?

9. College is just flying by, isn’t it?

10. Are you getting good grades?

11. Do you think you’ll make Dean’s list?

12. Well, how do your roommates do in school?

13. I see your pictures on Facebook. Do you and your friends do anything besides party?

14. Are you living on your own now?

15. When are you moving out of Mom and Dad's house?

16. How many drinks have you had?

17. How are you going to pay off all of those loans?

18. You must have some money saved up, don’t you?

19. Who did you vote for?

20. What do you mean you don’t want to talk about politics?

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