1. When boys say they don't like makeup. Like... cool? So don't wear it then?

2. When people who think makeup is designed to "trick" them. If other people actually think you were born with red lips and golden eyelids, they're the ones with an issue, not you.

3. When people don't understand that it's simply impossible for you to walk in and walk out of Sephora in two minutes. You need to scrutinize every ingredient, every shade, and every detail of a product before you can buy it. These decisions are not to be taken lightly.

4. Laughing when boys say, "This is why you take a girl swimming on the first date," because you know that your makeup setting spray and waterproof mascara have your back.

5. While some girls idolize actors or singers, your favorite role models are the beauty gurus on YouTube.

6. Feeling frustrated when people don't understand that no, you aren't buying two of the same lipstick shade. One is plum, and one is berry...hello?

7. You can always immediately tell which solo cup is yours at a party, because it's always the one with lipstick prints covering the rim.

8. Spending all of your extra money on the newest products. "Yeah, I already have a ton of mascara...but, I don't have THIS one, so obviously I need it."

9. You're much less impressed with art that isn't on someone's face. Like, yeah, Mona Lisa is okay I guess, but could Leonardo de Vinci create a perfect winged liner? Doubt it.

10. While everyone else is looking at what celebrities are wearing on the red carpet, you're too busy scrutinizing their makeup choices. You have no idea what Kim K. wore to the last award show but you can describe, in detail, how on point her contour was.

11. Your friends are always calling you for advice like, "Which lipstick shade should I wear tonight?" or "What color eyeshadow goes with this outfit?"

12. You constantly have to remember not to rub your eyes or scratch your face, lest you accidentally ruin an hours worth of hard work.

13. Pillow cases, towels, t-shirts...basically anything white in your house will eventually get makeup on it at some point.

14. By the time your friends are just hearing about a new makeup product, you've already read all the reviews, watched every YouTube "first impressions" video, and pre-ordered the product online.

15. You mentally have a mini heart attack when you see other girls putting their makeup on with their fingers instead of using the proper tools. Please, invest in some brushes, for my sake and yours!

16. You have the ability to identify a lipstick shade as soon as you see it on someone else. "Are you wearing Mac's 'Rebel'? I knew it."

17. Feeling excited when your friends just start getting interested in makeup. You just have so much to teach them.

18. Having to empty your bank account every time your favorite brand comes out with a new eyeshadow palette. Yeah, you already have "Naked" 1, 2, and 3, but there's no way you can just not buy the newest one.

19. Your friends and family never even have to think twice about what to buy you for birthdays or holidays. We all already know your stocking is gonna be stuffed with gift cards to Mac and Sephora.

20. Ignoring people when they ask, "Don't you have enough makeup already?" because it's your policy not to answer stupid questions.