20 Ornaments You Need On Your Christmas Tree This Year

20 Ornaments You Need On Your Christmas Tree This Year

It's time to break the Christmas tree standards.

It's time to break the Christmas tree standards. Get some real ornaments on your tree this year, and it will be a sight everyone will never forget.

1. Hos before Bros

Christmas is for the girls.

2. "Christmas comes in like a wrecking ball"

Who wouldn't want a Miley on their tree?

3. We don't say it, but we are all thinking it.

Every college kid's mentality,

4. How every parent feels about their family.

This is when you know you are loved.

5. Bob Ross.

A member of everyone's family.

6. For the angsty/emo teen.

How they really feel about Christmas.

7. Mustaches, because why not?

Maybe a change of lyrics needs to be made.

8. For the golfer.

I'll let this one speak for itself.

9. For the one with the dirty mind.

Everyone already knows.

10. For general knowledge.

Well, no sh*t.

11. How the adults cope with the holidays.

No matter how low key you try to be about it, everyone knows how the holidays really go down.

12. For everyone you know.

Straight from the heart.

13. If you're trying to make a baby.

Can possibly bring good luck.

14. For the ladies.

This may tick her off.

15. Also for the ladies.

Santa Baby *cue song*

16. For Dad

Don't you just love how everything that could ever possibly happen, happens during the holidays?

17. To keep things classy...

Jingle BALLS am I right?

18. For a nice touch...

Crap on a tree is a must.

19. For the feminist.

Girl power.

20. When you are trying to be hood.

When your parents are trying to be the "cool parents".

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20 Christmas Gifts Every Millennial Woman Wanted In 2006

Troy Bolton under my tree.

The year is 2006. You're either almost done with elementary school (ugh, finally) or deep in the hell of middle school. Regardless, your 2006 self is very excited for Christmas coming up to finally get all of the super cool stuff you've been dying to have all year. (Especially because Kayla is rich and her parents already let her get half of this stuff.)

1. An iPod Nano (2nd generation) in your favorite color

Because carrying around Hilary's Duff's "Most Wanted" CD and listening to it on your CD player was getting a little bit too inconvenient.

2. "Guitar Hero 2"

The hottest game of 2006 needed to be in your house and in your PS2 PRONTO.

3. 6 Aeropostale graphic tees in 6 different colors

Bonus points if it had a cool collar on it.

4. A digital camera

Because how the heck else were you supposed to take photos of you and your 5 friends making a star out of your fingers?

5. A puka shell necklace

All of the hottest boys in school had one.

6. Zac Efron 3-foot poster

"High School Musical" was brand new and your mom said no to kidnapping him and putting him under your tree. Ugh, what 2006 you would GIVE to be Gabriella Montez.

7. The newest Tiger Beat or J-14 magazine

Vanessa Hudgen's room is messy? OMG, mine is messy too!

8. A MySpace account

The days of away messages and closing door sounds are over and all of the cool kids are on MySpace. Come on mom, please?

9. An American Girl Doll

Whether it was your first or fifth, an American Girl doll was probably at the top of a lot of 2006 lists. (Hopefully some matching outfits, too.)

10. The newest "Sims" edition

For every single time you thought that designing a family and a home and living life for virtual people was getting boring, there's a new version.

11. Hannah Montana's CD

You HAD to get this and then burn it for all of your friends.

12. A fur-hooded Abercrombie coat

Only the coolest kids in school wore this number and you were destined to be next.

13. And the bag from that coat

Honestly just wrap the bag and put it under the tree too. I mean, ABS, am I right?

14. LiveStrong bracelets (more than 10)

If you can see any part of your wrist, you don't have enough.

15. A Chocolate cell phone with unlimited texting

Little did you know that the Voyager was coming out next year and you could watch yourself while taking duck-lipped selfies from 2.5 feet above your head.

16. Plaid, colorful Bermuda shorts

Paired with those Aeropostale tops? You'll be the style icon of the century.

17. The last book in the "Series of Unfortunate Events"

It's not like your entire life was leading up to this point or anything like that...

18. A Coach purse

Because, truly, what is a tween without her luxury bag?

19. A gift card to Claire's

You needed a new pack of 24 earrings, a fuzzy journal and a large collection of low-quality eyeshadows. Way too much to put on your list.

20. Soffe shorts

But you aren't going to fold the elastic over twice like SOME girls did. (You know who you are.)

Cover Image Credit: Sara Petty

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