20 Lies College Students Tell Their Parents

From any early age, most of us have been taught that lying is bad, but... disappointing our parents is a whole lot worse.

Now that we're adults, we're doing our own thing and making our own choices, and our parents probably don't want to know just how poor some of those choices are. So sometimes, it's just better to pretend that we have our lives together and not own up to all the mistakes that we find ourselves making on a weekly basis. After all, what our parents don't know can't hurt them.

Here are a few of the little white lies that all college students are guilty of:

1. "Of course I go to all of my classes."

...But only if they take attendance every day. If not, I probably skip every once in a while so I can sleep in. And to be honest, walking all the way across campus is a pain in the a**, and sometimes, I'm just not up to it.

2. "I usually stay at home on the weekends."

...Until about 10 p.m., when all the fun stuff starts.

3. "I'm pretty productive during my free time."

...Or at least, I used to be, back in August, when school first started. Now, I mainly sit around and watch Netflix, eat junk food, or take a nap.

4. "I don't know why I'm struggling in this class, I study ALL the time."

...And by that I mean I've cracked the textbook open once or twice and I try not to zone out too much during lecture. That counts, right?

5. "You don't have to worry about me drinking, because it's actually pretty hard to get alcohol around here."

...Unless you're a girl, and then it's basically thrown at you.

6. "I go to bed pretty early during the week so I don't end up sleeping the day away."

...Unless I have an assignment or test coming up. Then I'll probably be up until 2 or 3 in the morning, trying to cram all of the information in my brain.

7. "I try not to spend any money on things unless I actually need them."

...Like accessories for themed parties and a bunch of fast food.

8. "I meet a lot of attractive people on campus."

...Well, I meet them on Tinder, but that's basically the same thing.

9. "I never walk across campus alone during the night. That's dangerous."

...But sometimes, it's just more convenient for me to hurriedly run across campus instead of calling someone to pick me up, you know?

10. "I'll call you later. I'm busy with schoolwork."

...Well, I mean, I am busy, but not with schoolwork.

11. "I try to eat healthy most of the time."

...But my meal plan is so much more convenient than grocery shopping and it's just so easy to eat the junk at the cafeteria.

12. "I barely ever drink, but if I do, I don't drink that much."

...And I'm just going to continue telling you that, because I don't want you to be disappointed at my lack of self-control on the weekends.

13. "It's not a big deal. Everyone did badly on that test."

...Or maybe it was just me. But in the grand scheme of things, do I really need to know how to graph a binomial function?

14. "I didn't just call to ask for money."

...But if you insist, just deposit it directly into my account. Thanks.

15. "I keep my room pretty clean."

...Every once in a while, if you kick everything out of the way, you can even see the floor.

16. "I'll do better next semester."

...I mean, I'll try.

17. "No, I don't have a fake ID."

...But I'm 21 in the state of Connecticut, in case you were wondering.

18. "I try to do laundry at least once a week."

...Or at least once a month, but I prefer to let it build up as high as possible until I absolutely have to do something about it.

19. "I'm doing great in all of my classes."

...Because C's get degrees, am I right?

20. "I can't wait to come home!"

...Because who doesn't look forward to a 12 o'clock curfew and absolutely no freedom?

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