20 Lessons Every 20-Year-Old Should Know

1) Set Standards

Although this may seem obvious, too often we forget about our own standards we deserve. It's easy to tell your best friend that she deserves the nicest guy and the best job but so do you! Practice what you preach.

2) Gain Friends Not Followers

Social media is a HUGE part of our society. Looking at someone's profile they could have anywhere from 500 to 3,000 followers. Remember that followers don't mean friends. Know the difference and remember that friends are the ones who like you not your pics.

3) Get a Hobby

Being busy isn't an excuse for not having a hobby. Learn something new and have fun!

4) If Someone Doesn't Make Time for You... Take a Hint

Getting older sometimes means that you don't have as much time for everyone as you used to. Suddenly you have to pick and choose who you make time for. However, keep in mind that if someone isn't making time for you, maybe you shouldn't make time for them.

5) Be Frugal

Practice having the salary you'll earn when you graduate with a degree! It may seem shocking that you can no longer afford 5 dollar coffee but it is good to practice frugality before you get cut off your parent's payroll.

6) Lose the Chip on Your Shoulder

We are all guilty of it! Hopefully as you have gotten older that chip on your shoulder has started to crumble.

7) Be Flexible

This is a hard one! If something hasn't worked out exactly as you planned it that is okay! Just be flexible and know that sometimes changing your major 4 times is normal.

8) Do Your Own Laundry

20 years old... enough said.

9) Earn Your Future Now

Although it may seem scary, you are earning your future now! Work hard because the present does determine the future.

10) Learn How to Cook

You don't have to be the best cook to know how to make pasta. Learn a few simple recipes that are quick and easy.

11) Get Role Models

Everyone needs a role model in their life who they can look up to.

12) Find "Your Person"

It doesn't matter who it is but have that one person who you can always call no matter what. Then, don't ever lose that person.

13) Always Say Thank You

This may seem obvious too but it really is important! Sometimes saying thank you can be the difference between making a good impression or not.

14) You Shouldn't Look the Way You Did in High School

You may look through your old Facebook photos and think "gosh I've gained weight" but it is important to remember that you are older and naturally should look different now! Be confident about your new appearance.

15) Practice Patience

Nothing worth it in life comes easy. Practice being patient at a young age and you'll be glad you did.

16) Polish Yourself (Sometimes)

Learn how to polish yourself up! Make sure you can make yourself look presentable for interviews or presentations. Then... change into comfy clothes when you get home!

17) Self-Reflect

Always remember to self-reflect. Think about how far you have come since this time last year and celebrate that! You have accomplished a lot!

18) Never Stop Being Grateful

Always always always appreciate what you have. Even when times are tough, be grateful for what you do have.

19) Be Present

It took be a long time to realize the value of being present. Too often we look back and say "those were some of the best times" but in the moment we do not appreciate them. Always be present because you never know how long something will last.

20) Enjoy Your Twenties

Yes you are 20 but that doesn't mean you can't have fun! You are still SO young and should enjoy the freedoms that come with that.

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