20 Things That Happen On A Warm Day In College

As college students, we know the feeling all too well. At the beginning of the week, we hear that Wednesday is going to be sunny and 75 degrees. After months of rain, snow and bitter cold, Tuesday begins to feel like Christmas Eve. While visions of day drinking dance in your head, you begin to realize that sunny days are a whole different ballgame in college. Here are 20 things that happen on a nice day in college.

1. You voluntarily get out of bed pretty early.

2. Your mood is significantly better than it has been.

3. You contemplate skipping class

4. And feel guilty because you skipped last week

5. But you decide to skip anyways.

6. Thankfully, you see all your classmates in the quad, so you know they skipped too.

7. You get to pat a lot of dogs

8. And play all the games you did when you were younger.

9. Undoubtedly you’ll be hit with a Frisbee or a football.

10. Hopefully thrown by a cute boy (they get cuter when it’s nice out).

11. You want to personally thank whoever’s iTunes is playing the country music.

12. While lying on a blanket drinking a beer, you realize picnics are a lot different than they used to be.

13. All of a sudden, it's dinnertime and you’re sunburned and starving.

14. The dining hall is filled with drunk people in bucket hats and cutoffs

15. And they can barely crank out enough greasy food to satisfy everyone.

16. Afterwards, it takes you a while to realize it’s still the middle of the week

17. And that you still have a quiz and two homework assignments due tomorrow.

18. But, you chalk it up to experience and the fact that you only get four years of darty’s.

19. Plus, not to ruin the surprise, but no one shows up to your classes tomorrow.

20. So, stay out and drink up. Warm spring days are a gift to college kids everywhere.

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