20 Haim Lyrics To Get You Ready For Summer

Summer is the time for "girl bands" that start with "H". Last week, I wrote about Hinds. This week, it is Haim. Here are 20 Haim lyrics that will get you in the Haim mood and, therefore, the summer mood.

1. "I went back to a room/And every memory came rushing back too soon."

2. "Never thought that I would grow so old of seeing the gold/Still I never want it to go."

3. "All my life I wasn't trying to get on a highway/I was wondering which way to go."

4. "Visions of our love pass right by me/Your eyes are enough to remind me."

5. "Forgive my lying eyes."

6. "I don't love you just because/Love wasn't what I thought it once was."

7. "We were on one endless road/But I had a wandering heart."

8. "Counting the hours/With nothing to say/Going though the motions/It's slipping away/We were so gallant/So unafraid/Sleeping back to back/You're turning away."

9. Don't it feel like that night was from a dream/(Ooh, ooh, ooh)/I've never felt nothing like that/Looking at you, looking right back."

10. "You woke up from another dream, another fight you didn't mean."

11. "Now I'm only just someone you call/When it's late enough to forget/I've got the cover, I can't pretend/That I'm anything more to you now/Than someone who's hard to forget."

12. "But I found it in silence, I finally see."

13. "You had me feeling I was foolish/Forever thinking this could be the one."

14. "You had me hanging on a dream you never believed/You gave me your word."

15. "Whispers sounded so clear."

16. "I say goodbye to love again/In loneliness, my only friend/In loneliness, my only fear/The night's end."

17. "No shadow darkening the door/Until your memory is gone."

18. "Into the fire feeling higher than the truth/(I'm falling)/I can feel the heat but I'm not burning."

19. "In my mind, in my head/Seeing all the words unsaid."

20. "When all my hopes ran dry/Those dreams are gone, gone all along."

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