20 Dog Gifs That Perfectly Describe Life in Your Early 20's

20 Dog Gifs That Perfectly Describe Life in Your Early 20's

Dogs and humans in their early 20's really aren't all that different.

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Life in your early 20's can be a struggle to cope with at times: college, real jobs, adulting. My solution is to look up dogs on the Internet (because, dogs.) Here is a list of dog gifs that perfectly describe some of the best and worst moments every early 20-year-old can relate to. You're welcome:

1. Moving from home to dorm, to home to dorm again, to your first apartment can be exhausting.

2. Dealing with the critters in your dorm or apartment all by yourself is really no big deal.

3. Trying to cook on your own is a little bit of a struggle.

4. You at least try to work off all of the beer and Ramen noodles in the gym

5. And you're horrified when you come to the realization that you're expected to eat vegetables now, by choice because you're a "responsible adult."

6. Visiting your parents on breaks and having home cooked meals is amazing.

7. And you swear you'll never take their cooking for granted again.

8. You're so sleep deprived you learn to sleep anywhere.

9. Really. Anywhere.

10. "Tired" is now a part of who you are.

11. Having very close by neighbors means eventful people watching and eavesdropping.

12. Flirting gets really weird. You might even try to flirt and drive.

13. And while swerving that one guy/girl that just won't get the hint, you'll do just about anything to get away.

14. Somehow instead of studying, you always end up on YouTube.

15. Or rolling into your blanket burrito to binge watch Netflix.

16. There are so many stairs on campus, sometimes you wish you could just...

17. You've also fallen down those said stairs, at least a few times.

18. Being the DD can also mean babysitting your best friend.

19. But when you're not the DD, you're like...

20. Life in your early 20s isn't all so bad. Well, except these two words: student loans.

See, they understand us. Woof.

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