Hi, my name is Morgan George, I am 20 years old and I am an active Disney fanatic. Now, I am not talking about me sitting at home watching the Disney Channel because whatever shows they are making now are not as great as they were back in the day.

I would rather watch two brothers explore life in a hotel or the double life of a pop star than the reboot of Boy Meets World or whatever weird time travel show stuff they have now. I am a huge fan of the parks (duh), the old school movies and shows, and the magical atmosphere that comes with it all.

I, a grown ass woman, am not afraid to admit or be seen in the gym when I am watching a High School Musical movie or any other movie that Netflix has decided to provide me within the Disney genre. I will sit at home alone on a Friday night and watch Lady and the Tramp (because that is my favorite movie).

I realized that it was okay for me to be this crazy in love with this when one of my college roommates was madly in love with Disney and had it in so many aspects of her life. That made me see that I can be a successful, adult student and not seem crazy for loving something that is labeled for children.

Fun Fact: I make Mickey ears. I have five pairs that I have displayed on my wall in my room. I even made a YouTube video about making a pair but they are the cutie ones that have the wire ears and flowers on the headband part. Very whimsical and cute, one pair even has pearl beads on the wire portion so they look super cute and I love wearing them. When I went to the park as a kid, I never bought ears (for whatever reason) but I plan to make my own at the shop in Downtown Disney.

I am DYING to go back but no one is willing to take me! I will stand outside of the park if I have to and wait for a loving family to take me in with them. Anyways, I hope that anyone out there that is concealing their love for Disney or anything else that might seem out of age will let their love for it shine.

I mean... I wear my ears to work and have NO SHAME! Disney is love. Disney is life. If you are going to geek out about something, just go for it. Wear that Dragon Ball Z shirt when you're 30 years old, freak the heck out when you walk into Harry Potter World (I know I would). Don't let other peoples opinions stand in your way because they stood in mine and it sucked for awhile but now like I said, I have a wall of Mickey's ears and am planning to dress like Pooh to work tomorrow. Yellow shorts, red shirt, Pooh Mickey ears and all. Let that freak flag fly!