To The Girl Who Still Has Her Grandmother This Christmas, Appreciate Them And This Season Because They Will Not Last Forever.

To The Girl Who Still Has Her Grandmother This Christmas, Appreciate Them And This Season Because They Will Not Last Forever.

Learn from my mistakes and a lesson I wish I could have learned earlier...


Remember to hug them extra tight. Tell them how much you love them and have arguments over who loves another more, the most and longest. Make sure to not only smile when they offer you candy from their candy jar but fill your hands with sugar. When they give you a kiss, do not squeal or move away, because if so, that memory will haunt you.

Make sure to take lots of photos including family, friends, you, and insignificant times. Often the most insignificant moments grow to become significant. These photos, if you don't realize it now, will decorate your walls, office space, scrapbook, family photo album, and iPhone camera roll when they no longer are around. These are the photos you will look at when you want to call them to ask how they are or tell them about someone special. These are the photos you will show your kids one day.Ask her questions and be patient when she retells stories about younger years, even if every family member knows each story by heart. Better yet, make her a favorite coffee shop or restaurant and talk about these stories over food. But please, make sure to write them down. No note is meaningless when they are the only words you have of hers. If you want, have her write you letters. Her handwriting is as unique and personal as the individual you have loved throughout the years.

Create a memory box with these pictures and notes you write to compile the memories you have with them. Those flowers she once bought you and her favorite perfume bottle can be forever cherished. While these seem like tiny changes to a normal routine, they will mean the world to you when your grandmother is no longer here. A few years ago, my grandmother was diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer and my whole life changed. There are so many things looking back I could have done differently, from taking her mints to giving a long hug. However, no one can change the past but instead, change the future based on current knowledge. Learn from my mistakes and change your present because it then can alter your future.

For those who are curious, my grandmother has since gone through chemotherapy. I am grateful for the additional years God and life have granted me and my family with her. However, I know that death for anyone and everyone is inevitable. My grandmother is my only grandparent left. I am no stranger to cancer, death, and/or the loss of a loved one. There will be a time that our grandmothers, your parents, and even you will no longer exist in this world. Remember this Christmas and every day throughout each year, to be sentimental about the time you have with others and loved ones. Appreciate them and this season because, like snow, they will not last forever. I am not expecting to profit from this article but if I do, proceeds will go directly to my grandmother. The lady who has blessed me immensely with everything she has to offer, and more.

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