Living on West side is knows as the "best side" because of the close communities within the dorms. Everyone on the floor knows each other and the lobbies are often filled with friends doing things together. However, along with all of this, comes the downs of living on West side. When all of your classes are on the East side of campus, it has been raining and all you want to do is go crawl into your bed; the walk up Stadium Drive, across the parking lot, and up a few flights of stairs just to get to your dorm seems like the hardest walk in the world. Here are 20 things that would rather be done then do this walk, courtesy of Eggers fourth floor.

1. Be stuck in my air conditioning-less dorm.

2. Get hit by an Appalcore bus.

3. Be the only freshman in my class.

4. Sit at the bottom of the hill.

5. Eat an entire box of grasshoppers.

6. Stab myself in the eye with a fork.

7. Flush my eyes out with Diet Coke.

8. Eat broken glass.

9. Projectile vomit.

10. Walk across campus naked.

11. Go to the gynecologist.

12. Give my future child a set of drums.

13. Fall down the stairs leading to the expression tunnel.

14. Skydive without a parachute.

15. Take 20 credit hours in a semester.

16. Cut off a limb. Literally any limb.

17. Give up Netflix for a semester.

18. Walk across King Street with a blindfold on.

19. Have the marching band practice year round outside my window.

Happy hiking y'all!