19 trips around the sun

I have conquered 6,935 days

burnt caramel skin hiking the days

where I thought I would never reach Everest.

Lists of trials and tribulations laced

through my pantyhose

another trip all the way home.

Awake with the owls

scribbling poems and sketches

of the singing animals.

The buzzing of the bee kissing

the nectar of the new morning.

Another rebirth.

Another step closer until

this Arie burning goddess

can caress the sun.

A full embrace fire passion meeting star.

I have a star.

In a universe bigger than me or any problem.

I am a star.

Learning how to love and lift

the flowers in all gardens.

Planted in all different soils

but still will be sun kissed by my sugar lips.

A year of another chance to full bloom.

My petals open wide to possibilities.

A chance to unravel the hidden

petals of my mandrake.

To taste the juice of fruits

I did not know existed.

In a garden filled with wounded flowers

I will choose to love and honor this Eden.

To be a guru for those in need

of energy healing.

Using my garden therapy palms

to bless the scared soil of every

beaming brave being.

Coating their petals with lavender dust.

Relax my flowers I am here to love you

down to your roots.

A chance of courage.

I am warrior here to take on

the battle trips around my sun.

I will hold you in my palms.

Let your fire ignite

my dreams into realities.

Between sun and waxing crescent moon

i will chant the seven chakras.

Shout to my spirit guides

to take me on this adventurous ride

through the garden

under the sea

rocket ships to outer space.

Until I can make all my flowers believe

in this energy we hold in our stems

waiting to breath.

An inhale of tree and exhale of free.

We are flowers.

Dancing in the garden of life

Illuminating in the art of self love.

Be here with me in this very moment

as we embrace the

holy sun in gratitude.

Thank you for forcing me

to wake every morning

to triumph the days into the sunset

so that our fiery hearts cane meet again

every April 8th.