Sometimes, you have to try new things because we're all reaching that point where we are technically adults. Yes, I am an adult, and yes, I really should acknowledge that. I will trust me! I just might need to keep doing all of these things first.

1. Making (somewhat) real food in your dorm

Not Ramen, but something real. Even if you just buy yogurt and put some granola on it.

2. Detox water

3. Waking up early

4. Going to bed at a (somewhat) reasonable time

5.Eating more fruit

6.Putting less sugar in your coffee

As my mom always says, it's better to get those calories from a donut than from a sweetener.

7. Take better care of your skin

Take off that makeup at the end of the day! Wash that face every day! Do those face masks!

8. Save money

Put some money in your savings account and just leave it there. For as long as you can of course until you go on one too many target runs and you need to move that money over.

9. Delete Tinder

It's probably not doing anything for you anyways, stop pretending it will.

10. Walk more

11.Eat breakfast

12. Order less pizza

13. Read more

14. Do your dishes as soon as they get dirty

Don't just let them sit there and get kinda sad whenever you look at them.

15. Go grocery shopping semi-regularly

You need food, and it gets you into a good schedule for when you're actually an adult.

16. Not go out when you don't want to

If you don't want to, then why go? You don't have to go out every weekend.

17. Stop verbalizing negative thoughts

18. Hair Masks

Trust me, they have saved my color treated, heat styled hair

19. Make yourself happy

Take yourself out to get coffee, buy yourself flowers, you don't need anyone else to make yourself happy.