19 Lessons I Learned In 19 Years, And There's Still More Learning To Be Done

19 Lessons I Learned In 19 Years, And There's Still More Learning To Be Done

I still don't have it all figured out yet but this is a start.


On Ocotber 9th, I turned 19. Over the last 19 years, I have learned a lot of valuable life lessons. Some of these lessons I learned from other people and others I had to figure out on my own. Here are some of the lessons I learned in my 19 years.

1. Put yourself first.

No matter the circumstance always put yourself first.

2. Try to spend time with your family. 

I know at times life can be crazy, but always try to carve out time to spend with your family. It won't always be this easy.

3. Your friend group will change. 

As you change and find out who you are, your friends are going to change, too.

4. Don't be afraid to go after what you want. 

A lot of times we can let fear hold us back from what we truly want, so try not to let that stop you.

5. It's okay to cry but always pick yourself up at the end. 

A good cry can always do always some good. Just make sure once you are done you wipe away your tears and don't dwell on it too much.

6. Boys come and go. 

You'll probably hear this a lot, but boys come and go.

7. Don't listen to what other people say.

This one is great advice but sometimes it can be hard to listen to.

8. Not everyone is going to like you. 

Again this advice can be hard to listen to, however, it is very important.

9. Be honest about what you want. 

There will be a lot of times where it is important to be honest about what you want, whether that be a relationship or in a leadership position.

10. Always be kind. 

A golden rule.

11. Do what makes you happy.

It's cliche, but always remember to do what makes you happy.

12. Regular mascara works just as well as waterproof. 

I know a lot of people will always insist on the importance of waterproof mascara, however, I promise it works exactly the same without all the hassle of trying to get it off.

13. If you want the cookie, eat the cookie. 

Just eat the damn cookie.

14. Don't hold onto toxic relationships. 

This is something I can't stress enough. If a relationship becomes toxic, you need to let go.

15. Some things are worth the splurge. 

Well maybe don't go out and buy a Gucci belt on a whim, but it's okay to splurge on a few things every now and then. Always remember to treat yourself.

16. Mental health is important.

Never underestimate the importance of mental health.

17. You're not going to be great at everything and that's okay. 

There will always be something that someone is better at than you and you have to accept that. Work to your advantages, don't dwell on your weaknesses.

18. Don't compare someone else's success to yours. 

Just like the last lesson, there will always be someone slightly better at something than you so don't let that diminish what you accomplished.

19. You don't have to have everything figured out yet. 

You're still young. You don't have to have everything figured out yet.

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