19 Stages Of The End Of The Semester Told By Rachel Green
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Student Life

19 Stages Of The End Of The Semester Told By Rachel Green

"Welcome to the real world. It sucks. You're gonna love it!"

19 Stages Of The End Of The Semester Told By Rachel Green

It's the best of times, it's the worst of times. Summer is so close that you can taste it, but you've got to survive through a couple of weeks of pure hell before you can go "on a break." No one knows breaks and breakdowns better than Rachel. You can totally relate to her right now.

1. Realizing that your final is next week and you still don't know the official title of the class (or why you took it in the first place):

2. And then discovering that the final is in fact cumulative:

3. Deciding to go downtown with your friends even though you know you should be studying for that final you just discovered exists:

4. Awkwardly responding to your professor when she asks why you've never passed one of her reading pop quizzes:

5. Finally catching the attention of the guy in your class that you've been crushing on all semester (I mean hello, does he not realize that you put your makeup on before this class just for him?):

6. Quizzing your classmate on what you learned in that horrid history class you had to take as a part of your core classes:

7. Returning your daily 20 missed calls from your mom and lying just to keep her from worrying (a.k.a. making a surprise visit):

8. Looking back on your final essay and realizing you don't even know how to formulate coherent sentences at this point:

9. Begging your TA to bump you to the next letter grade (even though you're five points away and haven't been to class since March):

10. Trying to find the words to express your feelings during the month of May:

11. Finding the class Facebook group you never knew existed and seeing that someone made a Google Doc of all the class notes:

12. Deciding whether or not to use your one time drop on a class whose final you really just don't feel like studying for:

13. Giving up on your current degree plan in hopes of graduating with your MRS degree:

14. Getting a C in that class you specifically took because it was supposed to be an easy A:

15. Understanding that you'll never have that shiny 4.0 GPA your ambitious freshman self dreamed of:

16. Making the most of your last frat party of the semester because you know parties in your hometown could never compare:

17. Handing in your last final and embracing your newfound freedom:

18. But remembering that the semester ending means going back to your hometown and being under your parents' roof again:

19. Moving out of your dorm and saying goodbye to your college friends for the summer:

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