18 Times Tatiana Maslany Crushed Everything She Does On Orphan Black

18 Times Tatiana Maslany Crushed Everything She Does On Orphan Black

As if she doesn't kill it every second she is on the screen.

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This morning it came to me: I have yet to finish Orphan Black. My sister and I rewatched the entire series over the summer just so we could be prepared to for the fifth, and final, season. But alas, life failed us once again. Before we got to Season 5, we saw that all the episodes were available to stream on BBC America and assumed that it would still be on when we succeeded because all the other seasons were on too, but then after we completed our rewatch, we quickly looked it up on BBC America AND IT WASN'T THERE. I was outraged. No. Distraught. No. Livid. No. Every single synonym for angry combined.

But whatever. I'm over it.

Not really.

But yes, once that disastrous thought came to mind, I began to ponder the greatness that is Orphan Black. What makes it so glorious? Clearly the answer is obvious. Tatiana Maslany. She IS the show. Here are some hilarious times that she killed every single clone in #CloneClub.

1. The iconic "You're damn right" when Sarah is practicing to be Beth for the first time.

2. When Helena eats.

3. When Alison hot glue guns Donny.

4. When Alison works out.

5. When Alison avoids swearing.

6. The best manicurist around.

7. Helena singing.

8. Sarah playing with Kira. No other words are needed.

Except these... my life is complete.

9. Sarah and Helena's relationship.

11. When Helena compliments Cosima's hair(s).

12. Basically every time Krystal speaks.

13. When Cosima states the obvious.

14. And when Cosima comments on the complexity that is Orphan Black.

15. When Alison drinks...

16. When Alison belts it out in the car.

17. The best performance of Jesus Christ Superstar... The songs are surprisingly catchy.

18. And lastly, when they all dance.

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